C/D: You will pay to convert your UMD Psp games over to your Vita.

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User Info: BigReed

5 years ago#1
Confirm. But it all depends on the price. I doubt I'll convert all my games over, my UMD collection is pretty big, but there are some rpg's I would like to play on the Vita.

I'll probably use the psn as well to download some psp games. Basically I just want a few rpg's on the system to hold me over till the Vita rpg's arrive.
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User Info: melman101

5 years ago#2
I wonder how much it will cost.

I would like to convert Vice City Stories, and Ridge Racer.

User Info: OtakuD50

5 years ago#3
Confirm. I can transfer a couple of my good games to the Vita and leave my PSP at home for my bro & sis.
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User Info: TinyTim123

5 years ago#4
Confirm... assuming the games I actually want to transfer are able to do so, and once I go to a town with an open WiFi spot.
The only stuff I really want to move over are the Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max, Tekken Dark Resurrection, Tactics Ogre, and maybe Phantom Brave and Final Fantasy IV (the last two games I own, but haven't yet started on the PSP). The SF and Tekken just 'cause they're fun (and I love Tekken Bowl) and the Tactics Ogre just because. I'd love to see how they all look on the bigger, shinier screen.

User Info: ElectricMole

5 years ago#5
Big NO.
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User Info: JRDeBo

5 years ago#6
Since PSP emulation has already been hacked on the PSV I'll probably do that for the games I own since there is no reason to charge me a second time for a game because I didn't buy it off PSN the first time. The only possible excuse would be bandwidth costs, but the people who bought the PSN version won't be charged if they choose to redownload their games. Plus all my games will be supported and not just the ones available on PSN.
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User Info: Jonwh18

5 years ago#7

Ill probably do it but only on my favorites lol

like R&C clank, GTA, and GOD of WAR. 

User Info: Snoopydance

5 years ago#8
4 topics down... "When will there be a price drop? 250 is wayyyy too much for what the Vita is. --- BigReed"

User Info: SSJ4CHRIS

5 years ago#9
Nah. I only have about 6 UMD's, and the PSP is there to play them. Why would I pay them for the same game just to have it on another device? That's stupid when they are both portable and all my UMD's still work.
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User Info: KyuubiChris

5 years ago#10
I never bought any of my PSP games. I'll keep my PSP to play them.
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