Anyone care to translate a few screens?

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User Info: AncientRomeBC

5 years ago#1
This is from app called Friend Network i think its used to find other vita players and add them to your friends list (not positive though)
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User Info: Beck225

5 years ago#2
I will try to help, some of my kanji is bad, lol, basically:

Picture 1.) sex, first is don't say, male, then female

Picture 2.) Type, so first option is muscular body, 2 and 3 I am not sure, lol

Picture 3.) Your birthday (in almost 3 weeks btw, happy early birthday) if you want to notify people when it's your birthday (I believe). First Option is no, second is yes

I tried that game, I think you need to get like 100 friends, there is a lot of Japanese, it's not really that interesting unless you can read it (even then it's strange)
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  3. Anyone care to translate a few screens?

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