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User Info: corbie33

5 years ago#51
I really enjoyed the Gravity Daze demo. It definitely has a different feel to it. I love the visual style as well. It's definitely jumped up on my must-have list.
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User Info: Sp8cemanSpiff

5 years ago#52
You need to touch to dodge when you've warped gravity. When gravity is in stasis, and you haven't chosen a new focus, Kitten CAN'T move! She becomes the new center of gravity. Your right hand is now controlling the gravity focus aim... If dodge was triangle, you would have to LOSE CONTROL OF THE CAMERA to dodge!

That still sounds pretty dumb. I haven't played the game, so I'm just guessing here, but If she can't move during gravity stasis to begin with, shouldn't that free up a lot of other control options besides the touchscreen? Like the left stick?

Besides, lot's of games momentarily sacrifice camera control for other actions. Basically every third person action game that also uses face buttons does that. You can either aim with the right stick and shoot in Infamous, or you can use one of his powers. Combining the two is gonna be super awkward unless you are Monster Hunter trained.
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