Yeah, I think I am going to wait on buying the Vita

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User Info: icewolf74

5 years ago#1
The numbers from Japan have me worried that this is going to be another PSP Go or there will be a price drop in the coming months after it is released here in the States. Now that the dismal Vita sales numbers are reaching non-gaming magazines (e.g. Forbes), there is no reason for me to rush out and buy this day one since the Vita's first releases are reaching the non-gaming press and out to a wider audience. I will wait at least a year before buying my own to see where this is heading. I am definitely canceling my preorder.

Edit: Besides, I have absolutely zero interest in any of the launch games. So this is a good decision on my part. :)

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User Info: Blyr

5 years ago#2
Yeah, I was going to pick one up at launch too, but the high price + the cost of memory cards put me on the fence.

None of the launch titles are appealing to me, and the fact that it's selling so poorly in JP right now isn't a good sign.. If it sells poorly here too, then we can pretty much guarantee a price drop in a few months..

If there's no price drop after 6mo, and Lord of Apocalypse/Ragnarok Odyssey come out though, I'll bite the bullet.
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User Info: Thundar

5 years ago#3
From another thread, Happy New Year!

Natureboy99 posted...
Bearpowers posted...


This. Forbes credibility and journalistic integrity = 0.
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User Info: CapnStanky

5 years ago#4
I have a feeling that the price will drop within months, or they'll create a super-bundle that comes with games and a mem stick. A few more horrendous weeks in Japan and we may get some sort of deal at launch in the West.

User Info: Kouriozan

5 years ago#5
Well, not many people bought a vita = Many people will wait / cancel pre-order.
Sales will be lower and lower until a miracle happen.

User Info: quickposter

5 years ago#6
Even if it flops it won't be as hard as PSP Go. Shops admitted they sold 10. Not 10 hundred either.

User Info: Thundar

5 years ago#7
So did they drop the PS2 price when it supposedly lead to the demise of Sony? I don't recall. I remember being forced to purchase a bundle with games when it launched in the States.
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User Info: Sailor Goon

Sailor Goon
5 years ago#8
I love how the trolls keep falling back on Japan's sales as if they actually matter. Japan's gaming market is drastically different than our own. The 360 and PS3 are failures there...oh hey, look at that, they're successful here.
Here's a hint for all these trolls bombarding the forums.....wait until it actually gets released world wide.
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User Info: kyomagi

5 years ago#9
uh, you are fully aware that the vita doubled the psp go first month sales in 2 days right?
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User Info: derekfishbowl

5 years ago#10
I was planning on getting one at launch, but I'll wait for the price drop (or sweet bundle) since there really won't be any must-have games at launch anyway.

I'm having more fun than I expected with my 3DS, so my handheld gaming needs are met for now. Will probably get the Vita around next holiday season if there are good deals.
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