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User Info: hydrocrush

5 years ago#1
i am guessing that most of the people left in this forum by now are either sony fanboys who say its not dieing or nintendo fanboys laughing

or maybe microsolft fanboys if such exists saying if they cant have good stuff then sony cant either

User Info: Tengu_spam

5 years ago#2
It's like this is your first time trying to troll. Plus your grammar is atrocious... Maybe that's some kind of meta-troll move to draw people into replying?
Trying to fight the System is a waste of time and energy, what you need to do is learn to work the System. - Somebody
(message deleted)

User Info: finaljayfantasy

5 years ago#4
So............ I think you should go troll somewhere else TC
PSN: death666life... Can't wait till I get my PSVita

User Info: NinjablazerZero

5 years ago#5
If we had to count how many real trolls are on this board, we'd get probably 2 or 3 real trolls. And a majority of those trolls aren't even Nintentrolls. Just people who troll anything they deem as fair game.

If we had to count Sony fanboys, we'd probably get only 2 or 3 real actual fanboys.

In the end, there are tons more normal people on this board who simply come to this board to enjoy convo about the Vita.

Can we now stop yelling "Troll" or "Fanboy" the moment a post is made? Especially when the post is neither of those.
I used to be a Moomba, then I took an Arrow to the knee.
President of the Reploid Association for Zero Appreciation Fan Club. Members:3!!!

User Info: finaljayfantasy

5 years ago#6
Awwwww..... Way to take all the fun away man.... Ill stop for now lol
PSN: death666life... Can't wait till I get my PSVita

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