The Vita has not "failed"

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User Info: zeplin1180

6 years ago#21
i too do not get why some people would be happy if the Vita failed??? it makes no sense because if it did, there would be less games to go around. and you never know, without the Vita we could all miss out on that "ONE" brilliant game. if you actually want to deprive someone of good games simply because you hate the opposing company, you have bigger things to worry about in your life.

besides, there's no way anyone can factually say that the Vita has already failed... even though people still do say it. one can only say something along those lines if say, the Vita sold horribly over a period of approx 2+ - years. i mean come on, it's been out 3 weeks... 3 bloody WEEKS!!!! yes, it didn't have a strong launch... most systems don't, WOW!!! what a revelation... its first 3 weeks of sales really tells me about everything that is to come<sarcasm>!

what i can more accurately predict is the usual trend i'm use to seeing from Sony... which is them sticking it out in the long run and selling a high number of products overall, at the end of a long period of time. this is what happened to the PSP, and if the same happens with the Vita, that's fine by me. just look at how many great games the PSP gave us. there were many times throughout the PSP's history where people declared it dead, yet games were still made... GOOD games mind you. good games from BIG/good companies.

and with the type of games coming out at launch on the Vita, and the announced games... AND even the unannounced games... the Vita is headed towards having a vastly superior library compared to the PSP!! that's all i really care about anyways. even if it does die in 2 short years... as long as i can buy 20 or so great games during that time span, i don't care about the number of systems sold. and anyone around here with a shred of common sense who is also a true gamer has already the same thing... that is, as long as i/we have fun, nothing else matters.

User Info: Homie_202

6 years ago#22
I think the price point is a great price I am getting it day one there are way more games I want for this that release on launch day then there was in the first 6 months of the 3DS.

User Info: Compass

6 years ago#23
lol, zeplin! I'm feeling nostalgic.
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