I've got all my accessories and whatnot, I'm ready for February!

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User Info: GamFreak146

6 years ago#11
Snoopydance posted...
From: GamFreak146 | #009
That anti-glare screen protector is damn near impossible to find. :/ Not even the big import sites like playasia or yesasia carry it.

For those wondering, it's this one:
Does it affect the image quality at all?

It's supposed to be extremely clear. From what I can tell it seems like the best screen protector out there, unless the Sony one is better somehow. Though I somewhat doubt that.

User Info: keybladefan18

6 years ago#12

And the official Sony Screen Protector and I am set.
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User Info: peacefulchaos

6 years ago#13
Here's the links for the accessories videos, they're actually worth watching all the way through. The only one I don't have that I kinda want is the wallet looking case:




I have the case from the first one, and the sleeve from the opening of the second one (made from memory foam so it's supposed to be pocket safe). Speaking of pockets, it's a little bulky but the Vita should fit most people's pockets just fine (I know my 1000 did!), I was able to slip the first case in my pocket no problem. It comes with a hard foam insert (presumably to preserve the material or something) that's the same size as the Vita and it was quite comfortable in my dress slacks.

As for the price of the accessories, I paid less than the American retailers are charging and ordered from places with free shipping that don't charge international rates, so I actually ended up saving money. The only thing that was a little more expensive was my 32 gb, but honestly paying a bit more for that was worth it compared to not getting one for weeks after launch (Yay Alaska...)

Now if only someone would carry that elusive anti-glare hori filter, I'd be set.

User Info: FR432

6 years ago#14
I'm waiting for Amazon to start offering the accessories. They have a link up but it just takes you to the hardware http://tinyurl.com/7mtkkke
No screen protectors or cases for me, though. I'm just looking to get the cradle.
I've never been a fan of screen protectors on anything, I don't want another layer of something getting between my finger and something I'm supposed to be touching. Plus I take excellent care of my electronics so it's never been a factor.

User Info: SSJ4CHRIS

6 years ago#15
I like the mini stylus, and screen protectors are a must. I have to see about the multipack accessory bundles before I get a car charger, system case and things like that.
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User Info: m8tix

6 years ago#16
I've ordered a 32GB memory card from ebay which should arrive in about 2 weeks and I'll will also purchase 2 screen protectors (one for front screen and another for rear pad) from play-asia. I just don't know if I should take the hori full screen protector (glossy or matt is the second question) or stick with the Sony ones. Last but not least I'm gonna probably pre-order from amazon the vita travel kit and a pouch :)

I shall be fully prepared !

User Info: Snoopydance

6 years ago#17
A screen protector for the rear touch pad? It's not even a screen.

User Info: m8tix

6 years ago#18
Yeah but I was told that the rear pad could be very easily scratched and that people were using a normal screen protector for it.

User Info: MegaDTL3012

6 years ago#19
TC - Where did you get the stuff? Links please!!!
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