Protection for the back touchpad?

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User Info: arthur8642

5 years ago#1
What kinds of things are people doing to protect the rear touchpad as well as the front screen?

I can't think of a good armor design for it.
derekfishbowl posted...
I don't understand why the Vita is failing so hard. I mean, it has two analog sticks!

User Info: Rolen74

5 years ago#2
That's very silly.

User Info: segata_sanshiro

5 years ago#3
1. Keep your fingernails clipped.
2. Don't set it down on a pile of rocks
3. Buy a case and put the Vita in it whenever you aren't using it.

User Info: ThrobbyRash

5 years ago#4
Rolen74 posted...
That's very silly.
"TouchPad Protector/Case Needed – The screen won’t scratch, but the back will. After a month of use I’ve noticed a few scratches on the back touchpad. So you shouldn’t sit it down without putting it in a case."

User Info: Bromios158

5 years ago#5
Here is the link to answer your question, this has been debated before:

User Info: zeldasho

5 years ago#6
The only set i seen with front+back was on Amazon. But it only has 1 review, and the quality doesnt seem too great. (Plus its like 6$ shipping ontop of the 8$ price <_<)

Its not like i look at the back of my system ever lol (Nor do i sit it on tables or anything without anything under it). Unless some better quality ones come out, ill just take the chance of not using one
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User Info: Semi45a

5 years ago#7
protect your rear

User Info: endoflevelboss

5 years ago#8
I was hoping for a protector to put onto the memory card before inserting it into the Vita.
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