PS3 or Vita?

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User Info: pwingx

5 years ago#1
My Dad just got his taxes and he's letting me choose from either a Playstation 3 or PSVita.

I only have a DSi and 3DS at the moment (never been much of a gamer aside from Pokemon and Dragon Quest).

So should I purchase a PS3 so I can finally get into console gaming or get the newer Vita for titles like FFX and Type-0?
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User Info: MegaSlime

5 years ago#2
PS3 of course.
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User Info: Nepherael

5 years ago#3
If you're more casual than anything I'd say go with the vita because it will ave more features than a ps3 like AR games and stuff
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User Info: KirbyIsAwesome

5 years ago#4
PS3. BTW, FFX is also coming to PS3 in full HD.
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User Info: iDoneGotU

5 years ago#5
Vita, Ps3 is gonna be away in 1 or 2 years.
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User Info: SpiritoftheBat

5 years ago#6
I'd go with ps3 just because you already have a handheld and the games will be cheaper since alot of the good ones are several years old

User Info: battlfrnt2006

5 years ago#7
PS3, no contest. It already has a well-established back catalogue.
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User Info: Porter

5 years ago#8
Do you want portability or not? To me that is what it comes down to.

If you don't want to be tethered to your TV you should get a Vita. You are already familiar with portable gaming too. Being forced to sit in the same spot every time you want to play a game or having to move the console around sucks.

I only use my PS3 for movies.
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User Info: JurassicBond

5 years ago#9
PS3 easily. PS3 has loads of great games released already, while none of the Vita launch titles look that interesting to me.
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User Info: Encephlon

5 years ago#10
PS3 has a larger library. This is a no brainer.
So many games, so little time...
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