Dust behind the screen issues?

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User Info: SharkbiteR6

5 years ago#1
I remember with the psp how easliy dust could get stuck behind the surface but in front of the image, and pretty much was impossible to get out once that happened. It usually got in through all of the cracks around the buttons. Just wondering if this one seems like it will have the same problem...
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User Info: VariAsiaN

5 years ago#2

whatever the case, you can't do nothing about it so why worry, I would guess yes thou, put it in a cas when not in use to minimize/prevent it.

User Info: Retro Man

Retro Man
5 years ago#3
I would have mentioned Apple here, as they assured me that their cases are sealed, and that dust should not get inside the cases of their products.

Tell that to my partner's iPod, which actually shows light from between the metal surround and screen, and has dust under the glass. :/

(Not that it's worth telling an inanimate object anything, but hey!)
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User Info: Neoreloaded313

5 years ago#4
Not that hard to take apart and clean it.
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