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User Info: KreenAkrore

5 years ago#1
So I've posted before haven't really kept up with the Vita but I got a hefty commission check this week and getting another in two weeks so I'll have some money I already pre-ordered bought UC:GA, but what other games can there be?

Is LBP coming out at launch?
I want something more pick up and play type then UC, so I can play during downtime at my job (call center).

I was thinking about little deviants but it doesn't look too interesting to me played a demo at Gamestop.

MVC3 isn't of interest either.

Just name some that you'll think I like, as far a console game to get an idea of what I play.
MGS, Gears of War, GOW, UC, Asscreed, LBP,B:AC,GTAIV,POP,ES:V.

Basically FPS, TPS, and adventure games, some puzzle but not a huge fan.

Thanks ahead of time.

Also what games come on the Vita already installed AR games and what else?
Live-Kreen Akrore

User Info: GeminiX7

5 years ago#2
LBP isn't coming out at launch. The only game for your named preferences would probably be Uncharted. You might want to look at PSP games that are available for download.

Or, if it must be a Vita game, how doyou feelabout fighting games?
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User Info: Porter

5 years ago#3
Gravity Rush is not a release title but you may want to add that to your future list, it sounds like you may like it.
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