Damn... scratches all over my Vita's screen/back already! :/

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  3. Damn... scratches all over my Vita's screen/back already! :/

User Info: iPr0kkaFTW

5 years ago#1
How in the hell... I took very good care of my Vita but when I inspected the screen under light, there are *light* scratches all over as well as the rear touch pad area. Well I don't really care but I'm sort of disappointed with Sony for having a screen that scratches so damn easily (déjà vu with the original PSP's screen). I didn't buy protective film because I'm not extremely over-cautious with things I buy but I have an iPad 2 since release and overused it... not a single scratch even though the screen itself is not 100% scratch proof.

How did my Vita get scratched so damn easily? Well I do touch the screen a lot but pretty sure my nails are not long or sharp. Heck, after I'm done playing the Vita I always grab my microfiber cloth and clean the entire front!

Ah well, I was hoping the Vita's screen would be somewhat scratch resistant or has some sort of coating that prevents scratching (similar to most Apple touchscreen devices). I'll plan to get another Vita and make sure that one gets protective film! :)

Whenever the Vita is a year old or so, it will be treated similar to my original PSP if you know what I mean ;)

User Info: Nnamz

5 years ago#2
I have no scratches whatsoever.
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User Info: forzableu

5 years ago#3
this kinda scares me. I always take care of all of my electronics, but if the screen scratches that easily would you recommend buying a screen protector?

User Info: Vinsanity

5 years ago#4
Did you put it in your pocket or on some weird surface? I have no idea how you would get a bunch of little scratches from just gameplay. I think we're missing part of the story here. lol

User Info: JOMMY999

5 years ago#5

i dont use screenprotector on my phone but i just ordered one to use on my vita . ^_^

User Info: BigCheesySan

5 years ago#6
It's pretty scratch proof you must be swiping it with your finger nails a lot - sharp or not it doesn't matter.

User Info: Starwars4J

5 years ago#7
Well the problem with a back touch pad is that's where you'll be resting it when not in use, so it only makes sense it will be getting a fair bit of wear and tear unless you unnecessarily baby it. However given that it's on the back and not a real screen, the scratches really shouldn't matter at all.
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User Info: devilgunman

5 years ago#8
Don't even compare Vita screen to the iPad. iPad screen is oleophobic coated and extremely durable. If you search on youtube you can see many people have tested it by scratching it with a coin, key or nail and it left absolutely no damage. I've used iPad1 since launch without film and there's no single scratch on it. You should have done a little research what kind of screen Vita has and protected it properly.

User Info: darchur007

5 years ago#9
What kind of case are u putting it in. Are u sure it's not smudges mine looks fine knock on wood.
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User Info: Raven236

5 years ago#10
Get the Hori full face screen protector.

Covers the front screen fully.
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  3. Damn... scratches all over my Vita's screen/back already! :/

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