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User Info: FatClefairy

5 years ago#1
So I think I may have screwed up and imported Hot Shots Golf from the wrong region. I am currently using a UK PSN and I imported Hot Shots Golf from Canada. The problem is that I didn't realize Hot Shots Golf needed online pass so I was wondering how online passes for imports worked.

I already know that I'll need a US PSN to redeem the online pass that will come with the import but if possible I'd like to have all the trophies on my UK account. Will I be able to play online on my UK PSN with the Canadian Hot Shots Golf in any way? If I bought an online pass from the UK PSN would it work on the Canadian Hot Shots Golf? Or could I use the trick on PS3 where you download the online pass from the game's region store and then switch accounts to your main?

Does anyone know?

User Info: FatClefairy

5 years ago#2

User Info: vinz2

5 years ago#3
id also like to know

User Info: Nepherael

5 years ago#4
My gut tells me it's possible but if the unlock downloads to the mem card while you're on US PSN it might not work when you switch back to UK, especially if you're going to switch cards. You may need to go to some great lengths to get it working (like downloading the unlock, switch back to uk account without formatting the card and then hoping it still works)
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User Info: Usualsuspectz

5 years ago#5
Yeah I need to know this too please also can I still have two memory cards one for my uk psn and one for us??
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User Info: Neoreloaded313

5 years ago#6
You will not be able to play online with your account since you cant use the online pass.
PSN is still PSN, not SEN.
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