Is there anyone here that only games on handhelds?

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User Info: MaximusPadicus

5 years ago#21

I dont even own a PS3 or a home console. Never have since the PS2 Slim was considered hotstuff.

Im a handheld purist.

This is why I think handhelds should do alot more than just play games.
Apple knew this small fact from the jump. The moment Sony understands this fact fully, they will be really on to something.
"In the land of the one-eyed, the man with TWO eyes is King."
Maximus Padicus

User Info: TinyTim123

5 years ago#22
Ever since my XBox360 and TV got stolen, I have replaced neither and played only on handhelds, unless I am at someone else's house and playing with them. I have played New Super Mario Bros Wii, Kirby Return to Dreamland and Fortune Street on the Wii with my brother, and just a little bit of Gears of War 3 at his house, but I don't feel like I am missing out on too much.
Especially with the Vita having games like Street Fighter X Tekken (I know, not 'til Fall, dammit), the Tekken games on the PSP, Super Street Fighter IV on the 3DS, I don't really even miss fighting games like I used to.
With no such thing as broadband where I live, it isn't like I'm missing out on Netflix, or XBox Live or anything else, since they were never an option in the first place for me, and for the most part, those were the only things that might draw me to a console over a handheld now.
Though to be fair, I DO miss playing the Elder Scrolls games and the like. Oblivion was the reason I bought an XBox360 in the first place, and I never got to play it (too busy working to make time when I'd got it). I think those are the only games I really do miss having a TV and system for nowadays.

User Info: Darkriku666

5 years ago#23
Not handheld ONLY, but mostly

My favorite series are Assassin's Creed and inFamous so I kind of need my PS3 for those... also Kingdom Hearts
Official Dark Riku of the KH: BBS Board
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User Info: fuzzyman

5 years ago#24
I game on PC for PC games and the gold edition of certain multiplatforms. You can use a 360 or PS3 controller, so it really is right at home if you're home with a PC.

The Vita is enough to transition latest gen console games into a handheld, so I don't see why not. It would get me outside, and I could still jam to one of the latest games you can play on your comfy couch.

What is it missing? 2 shoulder buttons? The hardware is primo.

User Info: HappyBull

5 years ago#25
Thanks for the input guys, I think i'm gonna go ahead and try this plan out starting with the PS Vita. ^_^

Any bets? lol

User Info: Chronosknight

5 years ago#26
I don't exclusively game on handhelds, though I do love them. Heck, I should considering that 85% of the good RPGs released in the last few years have all been on handhelds. RIP PS1 & PS2.

User Info: xWant

5 years ago#27
Last system I had was an Gamecube and that was late into the life of it. I saw that Wii/Xbox360/Ps3 came out and then I was like ... ya no. Ever since then I went full portable. I had an xbox360 loaned to me a few times but I just didn't feel like playing it... No interest.
I rather pick up my portal and lay back in my bed playing an rpg or an action game until I fall asleep.

User Info: aebrighter

5 years ago#28
I own an original Xbox/wii at home, but since im at school I'm stuck with my DS lite and (as of tomorrow) Vita. I do hijack my bf's PS3 when I can, but usually just the handhelds. Which works for me.
PSN: brighter_darker
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User Info: scriptfajt

5 years ago#29
Pure Handheld. PSP 100%. Buying a Vita for my Birthday.
I only hope the game developers/producers see this market and start catering to it now that the Vita is out. I would like to see more top notch games like the PS3/360 get released on the Vita as well. I DO NOT mean remote play from PS3 to the Vita. I mean RELEASED to the Vita.
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