What's your take on the proprietary memory cards?

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User Info: 3x7

5 years ago#11
Well the starter kit came with a 4gb and I got a free 4 gb from amazon, so I don't really give a crap. If I ever need more space, I'll just wait it to drop prices. I remember paying $100 for 2 GB memory card for psp. Couple years later it dropped, and I got a few more.

User Info: Northern_Rose

5 years ago#12
For starters its nothing new and it will greatly reduce piracy on the system saving us all lots of money in the end.

Secondly I really dont see how they can be overpriced when they are cheaper than any other Sony card has been.

Sure the $100 price tag on a 32gb card looks stupid but how many people actually used much more than just 16gb on their PSPs?

I remember buying 4 8mb cards for my PS2. 2 at $35 and 2 at $20 latter on.
I remember paying just as much for my PS1 cards that held even less.
Sony Pro Duo 4gb card for the PSP still costs $35
So really whats the prob with a $20 4gb card for the PSV? $30 for 8gb saves $10, $60 for 16gb, $100 for 32gb

They are the cheapest memory cards Sony has ever had and no one is happy about it. WTF?

I love em and personally think Sony really messed up with the PSP. They are just correcting that mistake. They gave people too much freedom and it was abused BIG TIME.
It's not that I don't got a full 6 pack, I just lack the plastic thing that holds it all together.

User Info: Moofey

5 years ago#13
They're overpriced for memory cards that have the read/write speeds of an SD card from 6-7 years ago.
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