PS3 or PSV?

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User Info: Thrayl

5 years ago#1
Well, my PS3 just died unfortunately. Was planning on picking up the Vita tomorrow and have been looking forward to it since they showed it off at E3. Now I'm forced to choose, get a new slim PS3 or go with the PS Vita?

User Info: Nepherael

5 years ago#2
Hard choice. I say go vita because you've had a ps3 so at not like there's a big backlog you could play. And get a new ps3 down the road. Don't forget to call Sony for a replacement. I think it's only $100 and might be free if you got your ps3 less than a year ago
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User Info: beb2592

5 years ago#3

I would go with the Vita. Then again I dont like being glued to one spot while playing my games... just a preference really.

User Info: Stankymoo

5 years ago#4
Hmm, that sucks. If I were you I'd get another PS3. If you haven't been playing your PS3 a lot recently, you might want to just get a Vita though.
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User Info: Porter

5 years ago#5
beb2592 posted...
I would go with the Vita. Then again I dont like being glued to one spot while playing my games... just a preference really.

I second this.
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User Info: iDoneGotU

5 years ago#6
Just get Vita and save for PS4.
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User Info: Thrayl

5 years ago#7
I'm probably going to go with the PSV for now and pick up a new PS3 later. I've had it since 07 and I knew it was doomed to fail sometime soon. Just didn't expect it to happen on the eve of the Vita's launch.

Why did the Vita have to look so amazing and make this so difficult?

User Info: KazeKill

5 years ago#8
I would do the same thing you are. Since it is a new thing, it'll give you a fresh start and then later you can return to a new / refurb ps3.
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