Army Corps of Hell Pumpkin Equipment Set FREE DLC is up

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User Info: AncientRomeBC

5 years ago#1
on the store and its free :) i dont see why all the hate for the game its not bad at all
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User Info: ranguro

5 years ago#2
all the pictures of the games show arena fighting. i have no clue if there is a story or goal.

i don't hate, i just don't know much. i don't really see environment in the game either, just flat land, and a bridge.
PSN: zoki-chan

User Info: xReturnerx

5 years ago#3
The only thing the game doesn't have going for it is good graphics, other than that the game is really fun.

User Info: gamer22rpg

5 years ago#4
If you've ever played Pikmin it has the same gameplay as it, meaning your subordinates do most of the attacking and you just command your army.
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User Info: ranguro

5 years ago#5
is it just fighting? any puzzlish things to do? i remember pikmin made you rebuild there ship or something.
PSN: zoki-chan

User Info: cm2x

5 years ago#6
to me... it's the 40$

I was almost ready for 35$... 40$ turned me off.

The soundtrack is my main attraction xD

User Info: ranguro

5 years ago#7
what does the dlc look like?
PSN: zoki-chan

User Info: paulink

5 years ago#8
Ordered it for $30, I hope it's good!
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User Info: Burisu

5 years ago#9
This is only the game I currently have for my Vita and I'm 30 hours in and only 10 more levels until I have gone through all the 40 stages.
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User Info: iminyaface

5 years ago#10

its because of the ppl liking games like this that cause devs to get lazy and make repetetive games, in this game you literally do the same thing over and over, the levels look just about the same and you follow a linear path, don't believe me? get the game then.

start off with regular minions walk around in a circular area, aim crosshair at enemies, press R to send minions to attack, repeat until all enemies are done, pick up the scraps, take a bridge which your character automatically walks across to repeat the whole process in a diff. circular ground.

a few stages later unlock new minions which only attack in a straight direction, but still repeat the whole aim, send minions, loot, take bridge process...

i gave up a bit after so who knows if you unlock new minions but its still same level structure.

I understand people might feel the need to defend a game they just paid $40 for and feel suckered for buying so they look for excuses to justify themselves, but no please don't let devs get away with games like this, if sega genesis and super nintendo games can provide multiple paths or multiple ways for people to play games, why can't all modern systems...


sorry for the rant, but ugh this game frustrated me lol

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