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*** PlayStation Vita FAQ: How to get NEAR to work (REQUEST STICKY) ***

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User Info: ShadowkhNinja

5 years ago#1

I have decided to make this FAQ because I had problems getting the NEAR App to work when I received my Vita and I am noticing that many other users are constantly creating topics because they are having problems with getting NEAR to work.

1) You need to have your PS Vita updated and on the latest firmware
2) You need to have a strong working wifi connection for your home PC and Vita.
3) You should disable 3G if you have a 3G Vita and rely solely on the WiFi for the first time. If you only have a WiFi Vita then you don't need to disable 3G.

4) Go this website on your home computer:

Follow the steps.
It is very simple just input your exact location and drag the pin to help you pinpoint your location.

5) When you arrive at the MAC ADDRESS area go here if you are using Windows:

or here if you are using MAC:

6) After you install those programs, open them and you should see your MAC ADDRESS displayed and you need to add it to the skyhook website.
It should look like this (EXAMPLE) 00:00:00:00:00 with various numbers or letters instead of zeros.

7) Be sure to give your correct email and it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days until SKYHOOK updates your location on their server.

8) After a few days once Skyhook has updated their server.
If you start NEAR it should be able to work and your Location Data will be found.

9) NOTE You need to have settings like retrieve NEAR location data and other settings set to ON or else NEAR won't work properly. If you have parental locks on your Vita then it will not function properly as well.

Hope this helped ^_^

If you have any other questions or need help post here and I will try my best to aid you.
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User Info: TheSystemFailed

5 years ago#2
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User Info: Kitt Thrust

Kitt Thrust
5 years ago#3
sticky requested.
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User Info: TheBlackBat7

5 years ago#4
Very helpful information.
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User Info: xWant

5 years ago#5
Thanks for the guide. My Near was working for the first week then I got an error as occured. I just tried this and now... i play the waiting game e_e;
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User Info: j_saucedo

5 years ago#6
Request Sticky!
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User Info: JDTAY

5 years ago#7
epic sticky post

User Info: _crashbfan_

5 years ago#8
Nice job ninja. This worked.
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User Info: Nnamz

5 years ago#9
Did it and it worked for like 3 hours, now it's giving me the same error again. -_-
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User Info: leetfire

5 years ago#10
I know how to get NEAR to work as well! with less work needed too! Just wait for Sony to fix it! GENIUS!
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