Gamestop double trade in values for consoles

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User Info: shadownet_46

5 years ago#11
Focian posted...
Can we skip through the meadows holding hands? If so, I'm game!


PSP Go party!
Bring a buddy!!!
PSN: Shadownet46
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User Info: MetalZoic

5 years ago#12
Ha! This topic seriously makes me want to go buy a Go, what a great design it had. I really wish they had designed the Vita more like the Go.

Anyway, what is this deal? Google searching for it shows this topic towards the top. I'm guessing you made this up?

User Info: NeojianX

5 years ago#13
I just saw a 16GB card going with an 8" Pandigital Tablet with dual camera and multi-touch screen for $99.99. Isn't the Vita memory card alone $59.99. Hummm? : )

Too many PSP games were not available for the PSPGo, specially a non modded NA PSP. Crap for years at the NA Sony Network store. Ones you could get were over-priced compare to the much cheaper UMD versions of the same game. Rare and niche PSP games not available online.

Why in hell do they bring these systems out with no games available is beyond me.

Games that already have prequels out in other regions than Japan, should have simultaneous all regions releases. No damn reason at all for the Vita Persona game to be out in JP only in the first damn place.

I will take crap like that as hate and sell all things Sony and kick Sony's ass to the curb. I have over 2 years now. Microsoft and now for the same damn reason I have kicked Nintendo ass to the curb.

Lots of options for Gamers than any one of the so called Big 3 in Gaming. Android Gaming is gonna kick all 3 of those foolish gorilla marketing asses. No Gamestop or Gamefaqs necessary either. Be here trying to fool yourselves like in this ass topic. Ha ha ha! : ) Gamestop is failing and that is a sign they all are.

Oh yeah, Tiger direct has that bundle for $99.98 that I posted about in this topic. It probably has games on it. I know Ultimate Spiderman come on some of them. That is a PS2, Xbox and Gamecube game. Yeah! : )
The auction you won is on Backorder. Backorder? UBID is ebay ass to me now. Pitiful!
(message deleted)

User Info: Billy-Badass

5 years ago#15
This is all I could find on the subject:
(message deleted)

User Info: NeojianX

5 years ago#17
Then you will steal the games like Gamestop clerks with them do. and cry here like a baby when bricks on you due to a Sony update. Good luck with that. : )
The auction you won is on Backorder. Backorder? UBID is ebay ass to me now. Pitiful!

User Info: Kadiroth

5 years ago#18
Oh gee really? Gamestop double trade in value for consoles? Holy **** instead of getting $10 for my Wii, I will get $20! Gamestop here I come!
"And I thought my jokes were bad." - Joker

User Info: KirbyIsAwesome

5 years ago#19
I thought the Go was pretty awesome.
PSN: KirbyIsAwesome. Now I'm a Nintentroll and a Vitatroll! Yippee!!!
The Official (self-elected) GameFAQs Wii U Hardware Board President

User Info: GoombaX

5 years ago#20
mhunterchump posted...
What is the deal?

I can find nothing on Gamestop website that says anything about double trade for consoles.

Can you link me please.

it may be for pro members
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