vita vs 3ds - which one had a worse launch?

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User Info: Retroxgamer0

5 years ago#1
vita vs 3ds - which one had a worse launch? - Results (197 votes)
45.18% (89 votes)
54.82% (108 votes)
This poll is now closed.
i vote 3ds cause not only did it have no games but it price dropped 70 dollars and screwed over like 1mil ppl and they had to publically apoligize which was very harmful to their company's credibility and may even carry over to future hardware launches for them, then they remade the console only a year later, so if you still owned one you were screwed, if you sold it after 70 price drop you were screwed either way you lost money.

User Info: GlobalCooling

5 years ago#2
That is one sentence...Try using periods and try to not sound like such a fanboy.
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User Info: Tzuba12

5 years ago#3
Punctuation, TC.

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User Info: godofwar64

5 years ago#4
I'm going with the 3ds. Very poor launch and in order to sell the systems (which it is doing right now very well i might add) they had to give it a very healthy price cut in less than 6 months of launch.
While the Vita is not selling a ton right now, Sony isn't as worried as Nintendo was. If that was the case we would've seen a reduction in price just a quickly.

User Info: StickMen1090

5 years ago#5
does it matter at this point?

User Info: TinyTim123

5 years ago#6
3DS. One game that I wanted at launch. How many months 'til Zelda came out? It was more months than a second Vita game I wanted was released.

User Info: Fat_Vita_Boy

5 years ago#7
Vita, it had decent launch numbers and a few ok launch games but then it immediately bombed off the sales charts. It still hasn't recovered and hasn't even sold a million yet in Japan. Software sales are even worse.
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User Info: Starwars4J

5 years ago#8
The Vita sold far less, it objectively had a more poor launch, which is really the only fair way to measure and compare this.
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User Info: Marsford

5 years ago#9
It really depends on what you're basing "worse" on.

Interest, hype and profit? - 3DS

Game selection? - Vita

Best for the company? - 3DS

That's what I think. For the gamer, Sony wins. For the company, Nintendo wins.
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User Info: Compass

5 years ago#10
3DS was worse. Only a fanboy would deny that.
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