Why do you come to the PlayStation Vita Board?

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User Info: kyncani

5 years ago#21
TheExiled280 posted...
I come here because it's the best place I've found for all Vita related news. I was able to pick up Mortal Kombat $10 a couple months ago because someone posted about it here. Stuff like that is nice.

Exact same thing, news and game recommendations.

User Info: Lord_Vishana

5 years ago#22
My intentions for coming here are to discuss both the positives and negatives of the Vita, and it's current an future library. In addition, to obtain news from a myriad of different sources that both praise and speak ill of the Vita. It's illogical for people to only place validity into a certain type of news. Negative news isn't inherently trolling nor is positive news Vitassurance. The community here seriously needs to comprehend this.
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User Info: AceAndJunpei

5 years ago#23
I dunno. I have fun arguing with the regulars I guess...but I really don't know.
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User Info: Maximoom

5 years ago#24
not sure, i dont own any current gen console or handheld.

I just like to read the discussions.

User Info: carsauce

5 years ago#25
I enjoy chatting with the PS Vita gamers.
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User Info: KirbyIsAwesome

5 years ago#26
To discuss Vita and its games, get Vita news, and hear about deals.
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User Info: PlayaMadeTxn05

5 years ago#27
Yea, I never would have known about that Mortal Kombat sale if it wasn't for this board. Aside from all the "flop" and "sales" topics created, this board has helped me tremendously with my purchase of the Vita.

User Info: LegionSoup

5 years ago#28
Compass posted...
Rest easy; you're not missing much.

This isn't a reason you come here, but I guess we all know why you come here.

Anyway, I come for everything. The news, deals (I also picked up on the MK deal through here), talking with people, learning about new games, etc. It's a nice break from work from time to time.

User Info: Beckersauce

5 years ago#29
From: gldoorii | #003
Emperor_mateus posted...
I'm coming here because I think this board is hilarious.

This. There is so much drama on here it's insane. Everyone is so on edge.

From: Desrtw0lf | #008
For teh lulz.

User Info: __starsnostars

5 years ago#30
I want a more substantial mobile gaming device than my iPod Touch but I'm not sure the Vita can fill that role. Don't know why I keep coming back.
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