will the vita surpass the 3ds like the ps3 surpassed the wii

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User Info: Lelouch71

4 years ago#61
The 3DS is on course to being on par with the PS1 and PS2 for me as my all time favorite system due its growing list of games. So that will be a very hard thing for the Vita to do. So far the Vita is just a water down PS3 without half of the good games. Even then the PS3 is a disappointment compared to the PS2.
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User Info: Sailor Goon

Sailor Goon
4 years ago#62
Sagadego posted...
Natureboy99 posted...
Sagadego posted...
Natureboy99 posted...
Sagadego posted...

again if going to use chartz. then lol. every month is the NPD. also chartz is not reliable. it's a fact.

OK, so what are the real numbers then??? If you can't back up what you are saying with facts, you have no argument. VGChartz is recognized as a credible source:


They use weekly estimates, which can be wrong. But lifetime numbers are correct. AGAIN, you got a better source? cite it.

credible? congratz you just threw all of your credibality. vgchartz is known for making up numbers and banned from a site called neogaf.

Dude, I made a point and backed it with numbers. Is Neogaf the end all be all of truth and accuracy, the ultimate judge of all credible sources??? You want other sources? Fine:



3DS is the Mario machine. My point is clear, and backed by sources both VGchartz and otherwise. I'll happily hear your counter argument. But if you come back with source whining, I'm done with you.

listen sony pony, neogaf has people in the industry and also have posters that subscribe to the NPD, if gonna keep using chartz then gonna look real foolish.

lol neogaf is simply a forum website. It's no more credible than gamefaqs
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User Info: DunnoBro

4 years ago#63
Yes it will. In the realization that ps3 never surpassed the wii, and the vita will never surpass 3ds.
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User Info: vyseskies

4 years ago#64
Sagadego posted...
anbody who uses vgchartz is foolish. theres a reason poeople who call it lol chartz.

really? tell me more how few hundreds of units will make a difference in your life. And we can't even know which one is the most accurate, because outside that, pretty much every chart from every source are almost the same. Both Media create and VGchartz are Showing that the 3DS are selling like crazy for example, and the PSP outselling the Vita with very close numbers from each source so yeah, you are a genius, VGchartz and the others are all showing the same stuff and not unrealistic things like Wii outselling PS3 on worldwide units or X360 outselling 3DS on Japan hahaha.
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User Info: shampoowarrior

4 years ago#65
I have to agree with Naturefanboy on this one. It is safe to trust VGChartz for lifetime sales. Even if you think VGChartz is fixing its numbers every time NPD comes out, the numbers are eventually getting where they ought to be.

Laughing at a source without giving a credible source to counter makes a person look foolish.
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User Info: Natureboy99

4 years ago#66
Zendaik posted...
Natureboy99 posted...
Zendaik posted...
Natureboy99 posted...
Yes, it passed 3DS day 1 with the launch titles. Too bad gamesdon't matter to most consumers. They just want to watch Mario jump over, and over, and over, and...

Yeah, I mean it's not like people play games other than Mario on the 3DS or anything. Lol. This is the lamest retort ever.

I know I didn't get a 3DS for Mario (outside of Paper Mario).

There are always exceptions to the generalization. Do you really think 3DS would be doing so well without SM3DL, NSMB2, and MK7?


3 of the top 4 games have Mario in the title. What I said is true, generally speaking.

OK, but looking at the top 4 games is very close minded. If you look at the same thing for the 360 or PS3 you'll see Call of Duty occupying 3/4 of the top games on there. Lol, people only buy the PS3 and 360 for Call of Duty! Shooter boxes!

...Not really.

If you look a little broader, in the 3DS's top 10, you'll find Monster Hunter, Kid Icarus, Kingdom Hearts, and Dragon Quest.

If you look at the sales numbers the top 4 titles, especially the top 2, are heavily weighted. The top 10 games are not evenly spaced out in sales numbers. Plus, its a generalization.
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User Info: MewtwoEx

4 years ago#67
So... never?
Wii Sales > PS3 Sales
World wide, and in any region if you like to split them too
Sales dont lie, not to mention, Nintendo has over 20 famous franchises
Sony has what? 3?

failed topic

close it now

User Info: Spetsnaz420

4 years ago#68
How many people posted without reading the whole topic? Lots
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