WTF Sony, cheap screens

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User Info: GardianBou

5 years ago#31
This topic is so much win. Really lets us know who the idiots are on this board.
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User Info: ITP

5 years ago#32
TC, I think you just got a slightly faulty unit. saying that the whole production line is bad because your screen is not as good as your friend's is a pretty big conclusion to make.

if it bothers you that much, take your friend's WiFI VIta, go to the store you bought yours from, show the difference to the salesman and ask for a replacement unit.

User Info: AwesomeOSauce

5 years ago#33
No he is right guys.

I did a comparison and it seems that my friends wifi model compared to my 3g while we both played Uncharted look worse.

We both stood at the same location and I could notice differences in colors and brightness.
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User Info: MidgardDragon99

5 years ago#34
ORANGE666 posted...
The screens are manufactured by Samsung and are laser cut to 5" from a 8" screen I believe. It would make no sense for Samsung to laser cut then purposely modify the screens to be worse. Basically, it would cost Samsung significantly more money to make worse looking screens.

This. My Gid will trolls go all put for this bull these days...
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User Info: MidgardDragon99

5 years ago#35
Moonse posted...
Yeah, no. I imported dozens of Vitas from the states both Wifi and 3G to resell here in Aus, tested each one and had a big pic of a dozen all lined up to put on my ebay listing. They are all 100% identical in screen quality.
3DS FC: 4639-9048-2382, Wii FC: 4558-6862-5396-5206, PSN: MidgardDragon
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User Info: STE573

5 years ago#36
GardianBou posted...
This topic is so much win. Really lets us know who the idiots are on this board.

This. I can't wait to see some ms and Ninty fanboys taking this as fact.
Im British!
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User Info: turntablist08

5 years ago#37
omg thats just like the 3DS versions. Every 3ds is different. The top screen is less resolution than the bottom!!! def stay away

User Info: rocklobtser

5 years ago#38
BIG update, must read

So tonight I swapped accounts with his, I was actually planning to keep his Vita and switch mine under his nose. He wouldn't notice anyway, seeing as he had his Vita for months and has yet to play a single game or demo. He received it as a gift and was only using it for music, facebook, and skype. So I swapped accounts and you are not going to believe this. This is HUGE news, while the screen is amazing, the sound quality is cheaper. All my music, even songs on youtube had less audio quality. My giant headphones were performing were below their capabilities.

Another thing I noticed during playing Tekken 2 was The D-pad. I picked my man Paul Phoenix, I did the motion for the power punch and all he did was uppercut. Me being fairly good at this game could not do simple directional moves. The D-pad is ****, compared to my Vita, it was like some third-party company had made it. I immediately switched them back. For any people who think I'm trolling, know this. The only reason I'm up this early is because I had to switch it back, seeing as I have to leave today. His girlfriend enter the password to activate the account on my system, she had no idea what I was doing. Told her I was hacking.

User Info: wartpigX

5 years ago#39
TheExiled280 posted...
Further proof that the Wi-Fi version is 434better

ya 3g was a bad call on sony
you cant game 3g
only download and stuff
so glad i got the wifi
mine is very crisp and clear
i showed it to a friend who never seen one and he was in awe. almost drooling. said his kids 3ds looks super bad compared (not trying to hate on 3ds, this is a true story)
PSN- WartPigX
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User Info: TechniMyoko

5 years ago#40
Yukira posted...
TC is trolling guys

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