The systems you backed and the wars you won

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User Info: D E E G S

4 years ago#31
Based on the one I played the most not necessarily the one that I purchased first:

PS3-Loss (technically?)

User Info: maiden1993

4 years ago#32
I've backed pretty much all of them, and I haven't won any "war" because people who think a system is better than the other just because of the units it sells are goddamn morons.

User Info: NeonYoshi11

4 years ago#33
flame030191 posted...
I hardly consider PSP or Vita "losing" as they both have been very successful in a market nobody else could compete with Nintendo in. Definitely not as bad as Sega was at least.

The PSP is very respectable. It has a ton of games.

Vita is going to get support for 6-10 years so the game will be there.

Most rpg's start coming out in year 2,3,4..

User Info: LuminescentRule

4 years ago#34
All PS systems.
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User Info: Lelouch71

4 years ago#35
I'm just listing the systems I preferred rather than owned.

-Nes: I only knew that exist back then but it won

-Genesis: lost but I still like the Snes too

-PS1: won even though I initially supported the Saturn and N64 before I jumped ship.

-Gameboy Color: It won the war. I initially supported the Game gear since I was a bigger Sega fan, but they disappointed me here so I jumped ship.

-PS2: it won and decimated the competition. I loved the PS1 so much so it was only natural that I would get this system.

-GBA: There were no real rival anyway by then I became loyal to Nintendo in the handheld arena.

-DS: It won despite a very slow start. I surprisingly became a fan of the PSP though. Nintendo just have my bigger support.

-PS3: It lost and Sony disappointed me. As a huge PS1 and PS2, I'm still bitter with how disappointing the PS3 is compared to those two game wise. I was sure they would would dominate before Sony started smoking too much weed. It still became my preferred system in the end of the three current gen system. I still enjoyed my Wii and 360 though.

-3DS: It safe to say that the 3DS already won. It feels like my portable PS2 and it getting all the cool games. I can only hope that the Vita will one day surpass the PSP in the good game department.

Pretty much when it comes to consoles I'm more of a Playstation kind of guy although I still have a soft spot for Nintendo. I use to be a huge Sega fan as a child before they disappointed me with the Saturn and Game Gear. When it comes to handhelds Nintendo is my go to handheld developers.
"When you come at the king you best not miss"

User Info: Spetsnaz420

4 years ago#36
Console wars only have losers
If you igla when you should have RPG'ed, you're gonna have a bad time
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