Have you ever bought a console you didn't like?

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User Info: FayeLady

5 years ago#21
Ive bought a lot of consoles i didn't particularly like due to the availability of games. The PS3 and Wii were both marketed with philosophies that I didn't particularly agree with, but I bought them anyway because the library of games became attractive.
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User Info: FKRW4Life

5 years ago#22
MetroidHunter13 posted...
ps2, but it had one of my favorite games on that console and no others.

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User Info: ajko000

5 years ago#23
I wouldn't say that I didn't like my Wii, it's just my least played console that I own. I think Nintendo is heading down "that" road similar to RareWare's, but much, much, slower.
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User Info: rockyfan007

5 years ago#24
I am ashamed to admit it but at one time i did own a Phillips CD-I, With the God awful Zelda games. You think I would have learned my lesson on Faces of Evil and The Wand of Gamelon, But no I had Zelda's Adventure. I remembered I always Played Clue And Jeopardy, damn talk about wasted days.

User Info: king1988

5 years ago#25
Yeah Ps3 i am strictly pc gamer now i have had consoles and hand held but ps3 was nothing special not for the price.

User Info: TwilightKurughi

5 years ago#26
nope not once, because when i buy a console i make sure there are a good number of games on it that i want/like or games that are going to come out on it that i want/like which most of the time leaves me getting a console a lot later than most others but i say the wait to see if i'll actually enjoy having the system is worth being a bit behind.

User Info: CyhortI82

5 years ago#27
The Wii, definitely. I knew I was gonna hate that stupid Wiimote but I bought into the hype for Twilight Princess and ended up asking for it for Christmas. It was the only console since the PS1 that I didn't get on release day though so that's something at least.
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User Info: CaptainTeg

5 years ago#28
xbox 360

User Info: poyas2674

5 years ago#29
wii because there's no games that I can buy in my country.
I really wanted to play Monster Hunter Tri but noooooo...it's not released....so if I want to play, i have to import a wii and the game....

User Info: Rickoon5

5 years ago#30
Vita, but then I woke up from the nightmare.
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