Have you ever bought a console you didn't like?

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User Info: Shadowfxd2

4 years ago#51
oh yes! The first one was the Atari Lynx, then Game Gear, but it was better than the Lynx atleast. The latest system that I bought and don't really like is Vita. Not because it's not a awesome machine, but because that's all it is, it has nothing but disappointing games and ports/rehashes of the exact same game that looks better and plays better on my PS3. I hope Vita finds its identity, it needs something better than the watered down game library. Also, yes, I did my homework, watched the E3 presentation last year, was excited when it was the same price as the competition, but then the fine print came out about the memory cards. Memory cards asside, the price is right, the tech is right, the games, the support is lacking!
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User Info: trent44

4 years ago#52
Hmm, I guess I didn't like Sega-CD, Sega-32X, Nintendo Virtual Boy, and Phillips CD-i 400.

Otherwise I own about all the Sony, Nintendo, And Sega Consoles and the ones not mentioned were good or great! :D

Also have a PC Engine duo-R which is awesome, and I think I had a neo geo pocket at one time (which was so-so).

User Info: tgoldberg

4 years ago#53
Sega Saturn and SNES. Neither of them have any games I want that I can't get elsewhere.

User Info: OtakuD50

4 years ago#54
The Sega 32X. It was a pain to set up and it would fail on a regular basis.
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User Info: kdiz4321

4 years ago#55
I haven't for the same reason as TC; I always know a few games I want for my consoles before I buy them. I even bought the wii last year but I knew I would like Zelda and Xenoblade, plus I did research and made sure to get a BC model so I could play gamecube games since I didn't have that system.
I am not an early adopter. If your system is as awesome as you say it is, it will still be in stores when the games I want are out.

User Info: vyseskies

4 years ago#56
i never liked the game boy sp, though it was my father who bought to me. The only game that i enjoyed was Golden sun, and on that time the DS was released already, which was the one that i wanted, but he bought the SP instead
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User Info: xfactor

4 years ago#57
Just the Vita and the PSP.

User Info: Universquall

4 years ago#58
The Gamecube. Nearly certainly the Wii U shortly. Luckily I didn't buy a Wii. The 360 if I only count late 2008 onwards.
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User Info: shampoowarrior

4 years ago#59
Maybe PS3?
There's not many games on it that I want but the deal was too good to pass up.
Still hoping it gets a lot of good RPGs by the end of its life.

Other than that, not really. N64 I had barely any games for, but I had a blast with all of those games.
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User Info: Blitzoff1987

4 years ago#60
Wii: Not a single game that interested me and the disc drive failed when the warranty ran out.
Original DS: Clicky, plastic and bulky. Love the Lite though.
Original GBA: Micro is so much better.
Vita: Actually the console that I sold the fastest because there are zero games coming out. No idea why I bought it in the first place.
3DS: It just didn't wow me and it still doesn't.
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