I can get an Ipad 3 for $250. Should I get that or a Vita?

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  3. I can get an Ipad 3 for $250. Should I get that or a Vita?

User Info: Cable_mvc2

5 years ago#1
Sway me..

User Info: GigaVolts

5 years ago#2
Which do you want more?

iPad is basically a bigger iPod. With some extra power.

The Vita is a brand new gaming device.
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User Info: Safros93

5 years ago#3
Depends on what you're planning on using the iPad for.

User Info: Cable_mvc2

5 years ago#4
From what I heard the Ipad 3 has nearly the same gaming power as the vita and the battery life is actually better.

User Info: Oxn518

5 years ago#5
Id go with the ipad3,

Then sell it, and get the Vita, and a nexus 7.
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User Info: FayeLady

5 years ago#6
The ipad 3 for just about everything. The Vita might be better for you if a particular type of game is your style. Ignoring the differences. Buy the ipad 3 for that price. You can get the Vita at that price at any place at anytime.
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User Info: ps3_gamer_norge

5 years ago#7
I use my iPad a hundred times more than my vita. If you can only get one, get the iPad. Carry my iPad with me everywhere and use it for just about anything. Fantastic device. The vita on the other hand has rather limited uses.

User Info: Arucard05

5 years ago#8
If you want a gaming device, get a Vita. If you want a do-everything device, get an iPad.
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User Info: mjnoir1

5 years ago#9
Make your own decisions. I really hate topics like this.

User Info: snowboard340

5 years ago#10
ipad 3 is worth twice as much, so if you can get it for that price, buy it, and sell it right afterwards for an extra $250....

Also, i doubt you actually have this offer.
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  3. I can get an Ipad 3 for $250. Should I get that or a Vita?

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