Some good news :)

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User Info: Turkleton_2

5 years ago#1

User Info: foxgamer92

5 years ago#2
Awesome. Thank you, TC.
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic 3D is inevitable for the 3DS. I will be correct.
Gods Eater 2 is coming to Vita. Now we just need Hyperdimension Neptunia.

User Info: mike_411

5 years ago#3
I loves me some lolis. :)
"Peace is trolling!" Mentality of Gamefaqs mods
-Blazblue Chrono Phantasma! :D

User Info: XphoenixedgeX

5 years ago#4
Thanks TC, nice to see someone trying to balance out all the negative BS on this board.

User Info: iCeThEeCrEaToR7

5 years ago#5
Thanks TC! *bro fist*

User Info: PielordX

5 years ago#6
THIS is how you post news on the board, because its actually news. We already know the vita isn't doing well from the last 1000 topics made.
If there were more people like me the world would be a better place. That's just a fact. -Compass

User Info: OtakuD50

5 years ago#7
NIS is one of the reasons I bought a Vita. Not buying any new NIS games for anything other than a portable device.
Natsume (4th): Lv.99 1000 Affection 23:05:36 1038000GP
"Now, gods, stand up for bastards!

User Info: Mask_of_Desire

5 years ago#8
All though I do not like the games they make, that's cool of them.
PSN: TheKingofWisdom

User Info: TheExiled280

5 years ago#9
foxgamer92 posted...
Awesome. Thank you, TC.
Currently Playing: Assassin's Creed Liberation(PSV), Ragnarok Odyssey(PSV), New Little King Story(PSV), BlazBlue CSE(PSV)

User Info: 3dsghost

5 years ago#10
Weaboo game, nothing here. Move on people.
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