AC 3 Liberation sucks.

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User Info: 3dsghost

4 years ago#51
J_Can_Man posted...
I'm a gigantic AC fan, like seriously, and I agree, this game does kind of blow.

The sound is terrible and makes it feel soulless and empty, and the combat is very unresponsive and empty. The personas you change into are the worst part, I never want to play as a lady, ever.

The graphics are amazing, no doubt, but the rest of the game is pretty awful. I had very high hopes for a console like game on the go, this however, plays about like Bloodlines, but looks way better.

Also multiplayer...what?

Yeah I know what you mean. The city also feels lifeless to me. And multiplayer is trash.

User Info: iCeThEeCrEaToR7

4 years ago#52
Ok we get it you do not like the game

Stop trying to smash you're opinion in other peoples faces

If you don't like it okay, But if someone else enjoys it don't be butthurt just because you can't/don't enjoy the game >_<
PSN: iCeThEeCrEaToR7
"This will be over in a nano second" Zero

User Info: mhunterchump

4 years ago#53
3dsghost posted...
jaoman9 posted...

No, your wrong. Keep on defending trash.

Ok, let me get this straight. So it's Ok for you to say the game sucks but when someone replies with their opinion that they think it is good and your opinion is wrong then its "defending trash?"

This is why these forums suck.

TC is allowed to have his opinion just as much as someone can refute that and have the opposite opinion.

It's OK to not like a game just like its OK to like a game. But don't come post your opinion and then tell everyone else they aren't allowed to have an opinion. As soon as you made a thread, that gives everyone else the right to post their own opinions. That's not being a troll, that's not being a fanboy, that's just how a forum works. If you can't handle this, then don't make a thread about it.

I actually agree with some of what you've said about AC:L but that doesn't mean someone else might not love the game.

I actually don't understand why people make threads about games sucking because in the end, it's all just an opinion. Peoples taste in what makes a game fun are always different so these threads really serve no purpose ever.
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