Gravity Rush worth it?

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User Info: TheExiled280

5 years ago#21

the game is awesome
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User Info: mdhaichin91

5 years ago#22
If your subscription expires, you can't redownload the games until you renew it, but they're still playable if you have them on your console already.

User Info: BahamutBBob

5 years ago#23
GR is worth a playthrough IMO, but as others have said, it doesn't have replay value. It does a few neat things well, but a lot of what it does it could have done much better.

IMO, TC, get a 3 month PS+ membership, and only download Gravity Rush. "Buy" the other games at the same time, just so you can play them before your sub expires, but you don't need to download them, they'll be on your list of bought items.

Even if you can't get on wifi often, you can move your downloaded games to your computer, and download something else. That should save you money on that pricy 32 GB card.
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User Info: wwwgippal2

5 years ago#24
Can you guys stop being asses and just tell the guy if the game is good or not? Jeez...
sry fur me bad enlish,im form usa

User Info: TheOffspringFan

5 years ago#25
as i was playing through the story mode, it was a 9/10 game IMO

loved it

the graphics, the music, the world design, etc

then once i finished story i decided i wanted to platinum it because i was so close and after playing challenges over and over, it brought my feelings on the game WAY down... like i would say its a 7/10 at best

trying to gold medal challenges shows how horrible the aiming controls are, and i HATE HATE HATE the sliding challenges, just so awful

you dont notice those things when playing through story missions because the pressure is not there

also killing the rare nevis was too hard
PSN ID: Valkyr83
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User Info: TheOffspringFan

5 years ago#26
BrolyvsSnake posted...
Wait... let me get this straight... you would rather pay $40 for a single game, rather than 6 games ON the spot, AND countless other things down the road? You're a fool.

I got PS+, and I have received over $800 worth of games over the last two years, so yeah... it's worth it.

your not paying for 6 games on the spot, your paying for the right to basically rent them. PS+ is basically a glorified rental service, as soon as you cancel PS+ there gone

dont compare to buying a game you own forever
PSN ID: Valkyr83
Currently Playing: Red Dead Redemption, Heavy Rain, Uncharted

User Info: Pharsti01

5 years ago#27
Yup, its worth it, like yourself, Gravity Rush was also one of the reasons that made me buy a Vita, and i wasnt disappointed.

Avoid the plus thou, "free while i pay" is a sentence that has serious issues, id rather pay for something and own it than be obligated to pay every year to be able to play it and not own it.

User Info: gambit444

5 years ago#28
LuminescentRule posted...
There's no reason not to get PS+ unless you're an idiot.

or don't have money for it. not everyone has an extra $50 laying around, you tool.
Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy.
-F. Scott Fitzgerald,
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