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User Info: darkness1018

5 years ago#31
squatch22 posted...
darkness1018 posted...
MaxStar360 posted...
LMAO at the idiots who think just because a game is old (or a remake of an old one) it is, by definition and regardless of it's gameplay, bad. Probably jealous Nintendo has classics and Sony doesn't have any from it's PS One days.

Nice try but Sony's PS1 has plenty of classics, too many to list. Just like Sega has its classics, you just gave away what kind of fanboy you Me, im a fanboy of all gaming in general :).

Apart from GT and Wipeput (tho they killed Psygnosis), what PS1 series do Sony still make?

It was about classics, not which games are still being made. Almost every system has classics that people will always want to reply. Except maybe Virtual Boy and Jaguar 64.
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User Info: NathanisDrake

5 years ago#32
darkness1018 posted...
NathanisDrake posted...
^You took all the time and effort to downplay the 3ds. So thanks for proving my point. Stay classy, now.

I didnt downplay anything. I bought it cause i wanted KH3D and picked up a few more games with it. Its not my fault i got bored with it. The samething happened with the DS. I just got bored of it. The Wii, samething. I continue to enjoy my N64 and GC though, so its not that i just get bored of all Nintendo systems and after the WiiU get more games im interested in i may enjoy that as well. Maybe when theres more games in a year or so on 3DS i may buy a used 3DSXL again but until then right now im done with it. Not everyone has to love the 3DS, stop swinging from the nintenuts.

Cool story, bro. How is your post relevant to the topic again? Oh wait, it isn't. You know there's this little site called "twitter", you can talk about yourself all you want there.
Fanboys, especially SONY fanboys, are what's wrong with gaming. Not changing my sig till someone proves me wrong.

User Info: NathanisDrake

5 years ago#33
Sigh... Looks like I need to rephrase this.

NathanisDrake posted...
gets a sore @** whenever someone enjoys something that isn't branded by Playstation.

^Describe darkness perfectly.
Fanboys, especially SONY fanboys, are what's wrong with gaming. Not changing my sig till someone proves me wrong.

User Info: The_Mighty_KELP

5 years ago#34
Apparently in the past I've tagged DemonDog666 as "Useless Vita Fanboy". Now I remember why.
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User Info: leet_x1337

5 years ago#35
ITP posted...
TC, you are aware of the fact that 3DS is extremely outdated techbologically and is in fact only slightly beyond PSP graphics whereas vita is a much stronger and technologically advanced piece of hardware right?

And the Atari Lynx and Sega Game Gear were both more technologically advanced than the Game Boy. And the PSP was more advanced than the DS. Look where it got them. On handhelds, having the better graphical horsepower is not going to be a be-all end-all way of getting more customers. On the contrary, it tends to be counterproductive.

Then again, they say that those who can't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
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User Info: NoelXYeul

5 years ago#36
XphoenixedgeX posted...
lol, what an obvious stealth trolling topic.
Nobody could be this ignorant to expect the Vita to be $160 with a 16gb memory card bundled.

I would, it's a memory card. I can pick up a regular 16GB SD card for for 10 bucks these days. Proprietary blows and that is why Apple is sinking like the Titanic.
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User Info: Angemon_23

5 years ago#37
From: NoelXYeul | #036
Apple is sinking like the Titanic.

The Titanic sunk because it hit an iceberg. Apple is sinking due to the weight of all the money it makes charging premium, new tech prices for cheap hardware that, although slightly more advanced than its last gen, is outperformed by cheaper competition.
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User Info: hajile12

5 years ago#38
FindmeElseweyr posted...
my mother in law is giving me $200, I figured I'd pick up a new handheld since there are about 10-20 3DS games I want, and .. a handful of vita games I want, as well as games I have for my PSP that I couldn't play due to lack of 2nd analog.

So I look up prices of the 3DS + Vita.. the most expensive 3DS (the XL, which I was considering getting) is $200.. the vita is $250.. lol?

this is completely ignoring that to be able to save my stupid games i need to buy a ridic. overpriced memory stick, that I could ONLY use with my vita.. &I heard capcom is getting nice 'n cozy with nintendos balls, so monster hunter = 3DS, and the new megaman = 3ds .. lol, i mean really?
Get the 3ds then. Go to the 3ds board.

ffs, i thought the vita was $160, and the bundles came with 1 game + a 16gb memory stick, and that cost $200.. but nope lol omfg..
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User Info: 4dfmaEF

5 years ago#39
NathanisDrake is among the poor stealth tolls. Move along.

User Info: Terry-bogard

5 years ago#40
The Vita is more expensive than the 3DS because it is a superior piece of hardware in term of technology , the 3DS sells better because the games are somehow more appealing to the target audience but the system itself SHOULD be sold cheaper than the vita.
This has nothing to do with the games.

The vita memory cards are overpriced , I'll give you that.
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