Why, Sony?!

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User Info: finaljayfantasy

4 years ago#11
TheSolitayreX posted...
GuitaristMatt posted...
Well if you fall asleep, you don't want it to just die on you.

LOL, so apparently this is a necessary feature for the Vita, in case somebody FALLS ASLEEP while playing on it?


I'll try to minimize posts like this, but that remark just left itself wide open for comment.

im guessing you never played any handhelds in bed before cuz some time you just end up falling asleep. it happens to a lot of ppl so i dont see how he gets made fun of for it even if thats not the reason for it turning off.
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User Info: BrianCraigSmith

4 years ago#12
helldew posted...
i remember my GBA would just stay on all night then i would wake up realized oh #@#@ i left it on and keep playing cause the battery was just like that >.>

True but the GBA lasted FOREVER...at least compared to today's standards.
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User Info: sethharris1191

4 years ago#13
Why, Sony?! Why do people not know how to read manuals, check your website, or call your customer service line when they have problems?! Why do people run to GameFaqs to complain and blame you before they investigate things for themselves?! Why, Sony?!

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