Someone please list the ways a 3DS is better than a Vita

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User Info: AstralFrost

4 years ago#1
Yeah I'm posting this here instead of the 3DS board because I actually think the 3DS trolls will jump at the opportunity to give a comparison, since they spend so much time talking about the Vita.

Can someone please tell me what exactly a 3DS has going for it, particularly what it does better than a Vita?

This is think of when I think about a 3DS:
- children's games
- region lock
- clunky, square design
- single analog
- low battery life
- two screens with touch
- gimmicky 3D
- backwards compatability with DS... offset by region lock
- Mario, Zelda, Kid Icarus, none of which I care about
- doesn't come with a charger in some regions... LOL?
- can be bricked by firmware update
- stability issues (eg completely wiped save games on Virtue's Last Reward, and only allows ONE save)
- cheaper than a Vita
- selling considerably better than the Vita

So yeah, I don't understand what it does better than a Vita at all (other than being cheaper). Someone educate me. Someone give me a list of awesome games that make me go "MY GOD I WAS WRONG ALL ALONG!!!!!1111" Because all I see is a cheaper and inferior console that seems to be selling better due to having lots children's games.

User Info: Jprime666

4 years ago#2
3DS doesn't incite insecurity.

User Info: SalsaSavant

4 years ago#3
Fanboys at their finest.
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User Info: MajinKogahazan

4 years ago#4
This topic.

Just this topic and that one about countering 3DS games.

I don't even know what to say.
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User Info: zetsuclone

4 years ago#5
Me and most people agree TC but the nintendrones run this board for now, so get ready for the hate. vita>3ds by a mile, and ive owned both.
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User Info: Teremei

4 years ago#6
wow that's alot of reasons to hate the 3DS. The only thing I can say badly about is, is not enough Japanese type games come out in America, but that's true for all systems. I like both systems.

-amazing OLED
-fun console "like" experience

-cool 3D experience
-lots of gamecube era style games for my nostalgia of the "gamer's age".
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User Info: badbadkitty

4 years ago#7
Man this is almost as vicious as the Colecovision versus Atari 5200 debate of 1982. And then came 1983.....I'm still weeping over the carnage.

User Info: TheLightsAreOn

4 years ago#8
"Better" is purely subjective.

I am sure others will go over your list point by point, so I will just say this:

I have been having more fun with the games I have on my 3DS over the games I have on the Vita.

That is 99.98% of what I use each device for, games.

User Info: ZzUniversezZ

4 years ago#9
Capcom is supporting 3DS more than Vita...

User Info: alienfreaks04

4 years ago#10
Neither is doing fantastic so far. And both have a small selection of great games.
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