Sony pushing ps plus(2.0), thats not gonna get new users,

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User Info: redsingle

4 years ago#41
birdfartomato posted...
Yamaguxhi posted...
What does ps+ offer the average jerk off? Nothing. If Sony is indeed trying to market the vita to only people with a ps3 I feel this is a mistake. They are alienating people and significantly reducing the number of people who might buy one. The vita needs games. That's how you sale a system. The cross buy, cross play stuff is great but at the same time if I don't own a ps3 I feel I'm getting the short end of the deal.

Let it be known that I don't own either a ps3 or a vita. This is my view on the situation.

This, they shouldn't try to go after the 70 million ps3 owners , they think "oh it would be easier to go after our ps3 owners right.?" no wrong because your ps3 owners are too in love with consoles hence the reason why %75 owners don't have a vita c'mon it's a given that not many ps3 owners care for vita or psp. Soooooo Sony should scratch this and go spend money on getting games to come out within the next 9 months. It's too late to try and create new games from scratch and then for them to be released next Christmas or 2014 no!!!! You had all this time to make games now there is a lot of gaps in the future for game releasing. At this point they can try and get big aaa games from ps3 ported over until devs start making built from the ground up games

Or they can concentrate on both. Sony has so many studios I doubt none of them are making any games for PS VITA. How can Sony disregard the PS3 owners. I mean if they already have PSN+ they can see that for no extra cost they can also receive "free" games for Vita. As of right now if they purchase a Vita, there are 2 games built for the vita to play, that is an incentive in itself to get PS3 owners to purchase a Vita. I don't get how Sony advertising PSN+ prevents Sony from make games on the Vita platform. You make it sound like they aren't trying to get games made for the Vita and relying solely on PSN+ to increase Vita sales.
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User Info: Quiotu

4 years ago#42
I'm admittedly disappointed with Sony's marketing for the Vita. It's not that they're not marketing it enough, because there are commercials out there, but they're just not advertising the right incentives. This holiday they need to look into really pushing the Vita and how it seamlessly offers instant content for anyone who has a PS3.

Look, I have 4 free games being downloaded on it as we speak. I have 7 PSP games and 9 PS1 games on it. I'll have 8 Vita games directly downloaded on it. 6 months ago I'd laugh in your face if you told me I'd fill up a 32GB card with Vita content. I'm at that threshold, and it amazes me. The content's there, they just need to market it better and get a price drop soon.
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User Info: beadlehands

4 years ago#43
For the record, i have an Xbox360 and a Vita (no PS3). I just bought PS+ for a year cos they will give me games "free" due to subscription.
That's a better ROI than an Xbox Gold account (which i have) and i'm sure i won't be the only "Vita only" user to take advantage of this.

People on here are generally hardcore gamers, and will spend £50+ a month on games. I see the PS+ subscription as a no-brainer as I will (in theory) get several games without additional spend due to my subscription.

ie - Economies of scale.
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User Info: shadownet_46

4 years ago#44
A) They care about money more than just sales (obv. more sales = more money, but if they can generate more money for sure, they'll do that first).

B) When Current PS3-only PS+ users see they have a dozen free Vita games, they will seriously start to consider getting a Vita.
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User Info: birdfartomato

4 years ago#45

My thing is they are pushing ps+ heavy along with crossbuy. They do all this spending money behind the scenes with developers to allow these games to be free for us but instead that money could of been giving to kanomi say to make a mgs or a new ip game? Yes ps+ open the doors for more games for cheap but it's like like you got a big selection of vita or even console psn games(ratchet clank quest for booty, or other psn only ps3 games) give it about 2 weeks these vita owners are going to be bored and want more games still......that long drought we had was the time when Sony suppose to have developers out making more games but ummmmm looks like it want be a batch of games for like another 4 months? So Sony didnt insure developers had games to release for February,march ,april,may. 1 or 2 games a month at this point isn't acceptable. We've prob gotten like 4 new vita ip games sofar, yes only 4 new ips. How man schedule to release in the next 5 months that your average vita owner know about (me) ummmmmmm 0!!! Like without checking there's nothing outside November no one knows about(other than sly cooper getting delayed )
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User Info: dj___roll

4 years ago#46
Quote:Considering most PS3 owners bought the system as a Blu-ray player first, that is a stupid demographic to go after.
Considering you're pulling this statement out of your ass with absolutely no proof, that is a stupid thing to say.
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