The Amazon Vita bundle still hasn't sold out: Severe lack of interest?

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User Info: asqwzx12

5 years ago#131
Got to get more popcorn

User Info: yhalothar__

5 years ago#132
Man, pondered about it for a few hours before finally deciding I was going to purchase it. Reloaded and it was sold out.

User Info: DaMan1900

5 years ago#133
funny thing is both the wiiu and vita are available in my area XD
Ex Sony Fanboy

User Info: TJSpyke

5 years ago#134
The Vita is a failure less than a year after release, plain and simple. That is why it didnt sell out on Amazon. The system has sold less than 5 million worldwide, has NO major third party games even announced for future release, and even the PSP is outselling it.
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User Info: YoungGganon

5 years ago#135
My big problem is most of these games I could get on PS3 AND have a disk copy.
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User Info: Twenty_Faces

5 years ago#136
lol bought it for P4G
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User Info: moonlite13

5 years ago#137
Well it's at 300$ now at amazon with only 8 left is stock.

User Info: Gigahart_gaylor

5 years ago#138
2pac_Alypse_Now posted...
See there ya go!

New buzz term troll troll troll lets use it until it has no meaning!
I often forget that people's feelings get hurt when I talk openly, gotta sugar coat it all these days.

Oh and this is the second msg I've ever posted on this board so nice try.

I had to edit my post to mention that I've been a member for 11 years and I had to say something about these moronic arguments. It's shocking really how cowardly people are online, Get offended over nothing and lash out at people they don't know over issues they don't know and ultimately don't affect them. Sweet

I have very little interest in the Vita at all, I just found this topic on gamefaqs front page. Even I can tell tc was trolling. Notice how when the Vita sold out he immediately stopped posting.
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User Info: MrXGamer

5 years ago#139
Two things, the reason it hasn't sold out is because Vita has been in stock since its launch. They have a crap ton of systems laying around for a year. Second, like somebody else said, Amazon has warehouses in many states. They're more overloaded in stock than any other online merchant. Look at best buy. Whenever they put up a good deal, the item goes in sold out status within 2 minutes. That's how crappy low on stock they always are.

Also, remember PS3's first year. People thought it was doomed for the exact same reasons like Vita today - high cost and lack of games. Then it picked up 2 years later and has now caught up with 360 in overall sales. I believe Vita will do the same, its hardware is actually far more attractive than PS3 since nothing else can match it in the market.
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User Info: ChemicalBurrito

5 years ago#140
Shadowfxd2 posted...
that took it longer than any other Gold Box item to sell out... it took Last Story a whole 40 minutes to sell out.

What? Most Amazon "Gold Box Deal of the Day" items last the whole day or most of one The Vita wasn't a lightning deal (some of which DO sell out in less than a minute).

Now Amazon needs Gold Box or Lightning Deals on P4G and RO ...
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