What Atlus game you want for the Vita?

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User Info: L0L_FAQ

4 years ago#11
http://i.imgur.com/vpXc3.png http://i.imgur.com/lljy5.jpg
"L0L_FAQ is one of the reasons I even read the forums any more" - CJayC

User Info: AstralFrost

4 years ago#12
GodMWOLF posted...
Digital Devil Saga

I'd like this but I'll take any of them with a smile.

User Info: Verbalcody

4 years ago#13
the one we just got

User Info: TowerBooks3192

4 years ago#14
As many Atlus game I can get?

I love Atlus because of their JRPGs. Too bad they are only in the US and I have to give up an arm and a limb to see their games here in Australia
"Once you go Marcus Munitions, you never go back us munitions"

User Info: Golden_Mean

4 years ago#15
A new Lufia. And not with that real time fighting nonsense that was on the DS.
Grasp Destiny. Forfeit Humanity. - Rah Xephon

User Info: HurricaneManning

4 years ago#16
A PSN release of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment so that I can buy both halves and have them both ready to play.

Or you know, port something else from the PS2 that isn't a persona game.
Suck for Luck watch: SUCCESS

User Info: _Candice_

4 years ago#17
3D dot game heroes seems like it would be a perfect fit.

User Info: Spiffy247

4 years ago#18
WhiteSword7 posted...
The upcoming Persona 5

I'm clever, vaguely feminine, a vampire, and I wield Dice. PH33R.
The 3DS and PSVita are both outstanding systems. Wally the Equality Weasel says so.

User Info: Maxi_Adelheid

4 years ago#19
Tactics ogre : TKoL

User Info: AzureKillerDX

4 years ago#20
all of them
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