What game made you get a Vita?

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User Info: Alias_Nemesis

4 years ago#41
x_x_sasuke_x_x posted...
I got a vita for persona 4 golden
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User Info: vgfanboy

4 years ago#42
I really only got it because of the Amazon Black Friday deal. I'll sell ACL and maybe PSASBR and get Persona. And for now just use PS+ to play whatever games they put on it.

User Info: Susumurin

4 years ago#43
Dynasty Warriors NEXT made me want one. The Amazon deal made me go ahead and get it now.
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User Info: Kogath

4 years ago#44
Ragnarok Odyssey. A mix of my two favorite games; Monster Hunter and Ragnarok Online.
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User Info: WiiFan77

4 years ago#45
Black Friday. I'll probably pick up some RPGs soon. Wouldn't buy the system for just 2 games though.

User Info: neogeno

4 years ago#46
Persona 4, RO, and God Eater 2. (In the hopes of a localization after Japanese release of course)
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User Info: MetalZoic

4 years ago#47
SFxT, Dragons Crown and LBPV. Only one to go.

User Info: ChemicalBurrito

4 years ago#48
darkdragongirl posted...
Black Friday deal which turned into Amazon deal.

That right there. Otherwise, I'd still be waiting to pick one up. Got P4G with it, might pick up RO - and I have a ton of PSN content for my PSP - some of which will work on Vita.
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User Info: ign0to

4 years ago#49
Mostly Ys Celceta and Tales (even if they turn out to be Japan-only), and Street Fighter X Tekken's Gallery Mode.

User Info: Spiffy247

4 years ago#50
Assassin's Creed Liberation
Persona 4 Golden
Disgaea 3

Those mainly.
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