My gf got me a vita but didn't buy persona 4. Thanks?????

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User Info: Jrunkone

5 years ago#31
LockDeltz posted...
MegaMettaur posted...
Legendary_Musas posted...
Jrunkone posted...
You remind me of my nephew whos only 11, he just got black ops on thanksgiving. He complained about it not being part to. My brother took his game and broke it infront of his face. Then went to the closet and grabbed part 2 which he was going to get for christmas. Then broke that (kinda pissed me off cause he knew i didnt have the game yet) but besides the point. Good sir your spoiled. Take your first world problems to the little kids corner.

If that is true then your brother is more immature than your nephew.

Who the hell breaks a $60 game, if he wanted to punish him then either withold it from the kid until he apologises or sell it.

what's so immature about an elder teaching an 11 year old to not be spoiled and be grateful? If he had to do it the hard way, then so be it.

What right does his brother have to break a $60 video game, unless he bought it for him. He certainly didn't have the right to break his other video game. His brother is just ****ed up. His brother deserves to be disciplined more than the nephew. Encouraging violence (which could evolve into serious domestic fights) there is nothing mature about that.

How's breaking a video game you weren't grateful for getting encouraging violence? By the way the day after my nephew you said he would never not be grateful for anything he'd get as a present again. My brother already has a BO2 ready for Christmas for him again. I still don't have it yet cause I'm broke because of Christmas ><.
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User Info: kjhovey

5 years ago#32
Every time I see a topic like this, I am always surprised at how many people take it seriously.
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