My biggest fear about the Vita at this point

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User Info: Beetey

4 years ago#1
Is how few games include ad-hoc multiplayer. It seem a little ridiculous that so many games such as LBP and NFS (I know there are others out there, these are the two that immediately come to mind) lack it. In NFS it may somewhat be justified because of how the autolog thing works but I'll never understand why it was left out of LBP. Just today I was informed on the official blog that the Vita version of the new R&C game (which is multiplayer focused) would not include ad-hoc.

I don't know about you but the only person I real care to do much multiplayer with lives in the same household as me. It seems idiotic when I'm sitting right next to someone that we have to both connect to the wifi to play together. It is means you can't do multiplayer on car trips (which I did quite a bit on the PSP).

Seeing as one of the reasons the PSP was so popular in Japan was that you could go out and do multiplayer with anyone, I think this could potentially be a real problem if the trend continues.

User Info: foxgamer92

4 years ago#2
You can still do multiplayer with PSP games on it if you want to that badly. I agree with you, though, we do need more local multiplayer games for the Vita.
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