What was the first game you played on your Vita?

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User Info: NathanisDrake

4 years ago#71
MrElgawarg posted...
Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Came bundled with my Vita for free. It was alright, but I'm not really a fan of horrible touchy-control-based shooters.

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User Info: rab103

4 years ago#72
Mine was Rayman Origins

User Info: GiSS88

4 years ago#73
Also Welcome Park, followed by Uncharted.
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Guerrilla Soldier 4 years ago#74
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User Info: Icealote

4 years ago#75
Ragnarok Odyssey!


4 years ago#76
When I bought a not Vita bundle to make it cheap since bundle is expensive before.
So my first 3 games I download true PSN

Here are the list
*Final Fantasy III
*Shinobido 2

User Info: BruceLee1974

4 years ago#77
Mine was Uncharted, and the graphics looked beautiful. Next was Everybody's Golf and it's such a big upgrade from the PSP version.

User Info: phaces

4 years ago#78
uncharted golden abyss

User Info: lninjasonicl

4 years ago#79
toxbox posted...
Wipeout 2048 - still one of my favorite games on the system. With the expansions it is one of the best entries in my personal favorite racing series. It was really sad to see Studio Liverpool get shut down, hope the Wipeout series manages to stay alive.

I hear ya man, I've been a fan since Wipeout on PSone. Such a great series from the music and SFX to the style. I'm still trying to get all them damn elite passes in 2048!

This was also my first game on Vita.
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User Info: BahamutBBob

4 years ago#80
WipeOut 2048 is the first Vita game I played.
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