Want a vita. really bad.

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User Info: Susumurin

4 years ago#21
This is the best handheld ever. While the future might not look bright as far as new Vita specific games goes, considering the MASSIVE backlog of games you can access, there's gaming for years in this thing as it stands. Your Vita will probably break before you run out of games to play.

Yes I realize the 3DS has a similar backlog of digital classics, however, I think the Vita's offering of games is superior to even what is offered on the Wii.
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User Info: wwwgippal2

4 years ago#22
I have ACIII:L, Persona 4 and Disgaea 3 and I can say I'm happy with my Vita.
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User Info: Jopez86

4 years ago#23
I personally love my vita, i bought the early edition bundle back in.february. i own a ton of games for it on cards and downloadable formate. If you havr afford at least a 16gbps3 memory card youll be solid when purchasing one.

User Info: NathanisDrake

4 years ago#24
Susumurin posted...
This is the best handheld ever.


Just so you know, the PSP did what you described years ago, yet nobody ever hyped that up as much as you did. Also, it's not "the greatest handheld ever made" if the system's best offerings are ports of old games. By your logic, Sony could just release a new console that brings nothing new but offers full PS3, PS2 and PSX BC, and claim it to be "the greatest console ever created in the history of gaming". But it doesn't work that way.
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User Info: ejay8320

4 years ago#25
KillingHarder posted...
Please stop...

Just report, Ignore and don't reply, thats the best thing.

User Info: nedrith

4 years ago#26
Overall it's great. PS+ has given my $179 AC:L bundle many free games. Wouldn't of normally of bought FF:T(I beat it like 3 or 4 times on the PS1 and hate buying remakes) but they are giving it for free so I will probably end up beating it again with the new content and such. the remaining games are fun, a racing game every once in a while isn't bad and gravity rush is pretty fun.

So far from the games selection I prefer the Vita over the 3DS, while a monster hunter and KH game is great there aren't many more that really interest me that aren't just remakes. not to mention Sony gives free games all the time through PS+(yes a $50 a year subscription is required but it's the same $50 I pay for my PS3) and this allows me to play many different types of games.

Sadly not everything is great about it, the 4 GB memory card I got with it sucks, and larger memory cards are well way too expensive.

Free online won't be going anywhere likely and for the most part the PSN has been relatively popular. as for KH of the PSV, it's unlikely for 2-3 years. From what I hear KH3D: Dream Drop Distance on the 3DS was the last KH until KH3 which is likely to be on the PS4/X720(perhaps exclusive to the PS4). I'm guessing it will be another year or 2 until we see that and then another year until we have any chance of seeing a KH game for the PSV.

User Info: RedemptionBlue

4 years ago#27
In my case I was stuck between getting the 3DS and Vita. Once Black Friday started and I saw the vita bundle on sale on amazon for 180 bucks I decided to go with it. I have not regretted it because along with the games I got for it now AC liberation, Persona 4 Golden, and Disgaea 3. I have yet to play the list of PsP titles and even if they are remakes I haven't played the original ones at all, so it's an entirely new experience for me.
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User Info: Natureboy99

4 years ago#28
AngelCat777 posted...
I think they secretly charge your account too so it could cost you $500 or more with PS+... and then they get hacked all the time so hackers can steal your info..)

Get a 3DS... It's so much better, and with coins you can get ACTUAL free games off the eShop... and theres a bundle coming out with the 3DS XL where you get Mario Kart FREE... its a $200 bundle.. and since the Vita is $250, and you get a free game, you're saving $90 right there... (nintendo games are like gold, they never go down in value) so Go with the 3DS... so much better.

1) Sony secretly charging your account is 100% false. Where did you come up with that???

2) All companies can get hacked. Nintendo has been hacked. Being hacked once does not raise the odds of being hacked again. If anything it reduces the odds. Sony made it right when they were hacked by giving everyone free games and web insurance.

3) 3DS is only better if you are very young and/or completely immune to franchise fatigue.

I agree 3DS is cheaper. You get what you pay for.
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User Info: kyncani

4 years ago#29
FaytlessHearts posted...
My current PSP is very outdated...was one of the originals when the first came out.
[3ds]They DO HAVE mario and zelda stuff though sooooo........thats a +++++

Vita and 3ds games are very different. I myself upgraded from a ds to a vita because I prefer the games available here. Or you can get both.
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