PS3 sells 395k last week, vita 80k, Wii U outsells both

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User Info: -Equinox-

5 years ago#91
darkness1018 posted...
-Equinox- posted...
darkness1018 posted...
Sony's numbers aside while the Wii U sold around 400,000 the Xbox 360 sold around 720,000 so the Wii U was outsold buy the 360. Now that's LOL quality. Was at gamestop earlier today and guess what they had plenty of....Wii U's. Guess it's not selling like the nintenbots thought it would. Also during the same period Wii U sold 400,000 the Wii sold around 600,000 during the same time so yea.

You're soley focusing on Black Friday, remember the Wii U wasn't on sale unlike every older system. 400k for a brand new system in a single day is really good. There was also limited availability of the deluxe version compared to the basic. The majority of the consumers wanted the deluxe version.

I went to 6 gamestops on black Friday, bought a Wii U at the first one I went to, the other 5 all had regular and deluxe Wii U's in stock along with the 2 bust buys and 1 target I went to. All still had. Gamestop STILL has both Wii U types in stock, I know I was there today. My friend is a manager at a gamestop, she was told to make a huge display behind the counter of the system and games to boost sales, every gamestop I've been to since she said that now has said displays behind the counter. Face it, Wii U will not reach Wii numbers. They had to lump up Wii U and 3ds/XL sales to get 1.2 million systems sold to hide that the Wii U isn't selling what nintenbots thought it would.

Stop calling them Nintenbots please, have some maturity. I live in the city on Black Friday the Wii U was sold out in every location I went. It remains like that now. It probably varies on where you live.
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User Info: blundermine

5 years ago#92
Petruski posted...
blundermine posted...
Akagehisa posted...
KouenZan posted...
360 outsold the Wii U

what happened??

Yeah man,, those 7500k units sold where shocking, i was not expecting that,,,,it sold 2 times what WiiU did, and this is comming from a 7 year old console,,, not to shabby.

Funny how you are being ignored.

They had some ridiculous deals on 360s over the weekend. Throw in the limited stock of the Wii U and the fact that it was selling at regular price and you probably have your answer.

Or maybe the 360 is a good console with many good games. There's your answer.

Or maybe it was stuff like this:
So if Nintendo changed the name of the Wii - U, would they be pulling a U-Wii?

User Info: vyseskies

5 years ago#93
hummm, what can i say....
The WiiU just released on US only, their stocks were low, and many people couldnt buy it, still, selling around 400k is better than nothing.

just wait until the WiiU releases on the entire world, so that we can do balanced comparisons.
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User Info: L0L_FAQ

5 years ago#94
From: Petruski | #053
Actually the 360 already has a beefy GPU.

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