New Playstation Vita Bundle for $300!

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User Info: Cole531

5 years ago#1
It may not be as desirable as the Amazon bundle sold over Black Friday, but Sony is introducing a new Vita bundle that takes advantage of the new best feature of the device: the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection.

The new configuration includes a black 3G/Wifi Vita, a year of Plus (which means free access to Gravity Rush, Jet Set Radio, Uncharted, and more), a voucher for a download of Unit 13, and a 4GB memory card that is ill-suited for a download-focused bundle, for $300.

For an idea of how worthwhile the deal is, the 3G Vita retails for $300 alone, though it's currently on Amazon for $250. The new Instant Game Collection bundle launches in North America next week.

User Info: aak57

5 years ago#2
Worse than the current bundles unless you really value 3G.
May the world be mended

User Info: LittleBraver

5 years ago#3
Still too much. Sony really needs to make the price drop happen. I own a Vita and I want Sony to succeed but not like this. Price are as high as the PS3 or any other console and lack of software. Not to mention the memory card price.

User Info: Elements012894

5 years ago#4
They have to forget about putting Value on to it and focus on just reducing the price.
PS+ has paid it's self for me. So from here on out I will refer to any new games as free.

User Info: pokemonmaster0

5 years ago#5
As the article pointed out it really should have a bigger memory card. Do the Ps+ games even all fit on a 4g card?
Also considering the price was already to high, they really should focus on cheaper bundles instead of making the expensive bundles more tempting.
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