Why do you people say "flop" in every topic?

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  3. Why do you people say "flop" in every topic?

User Info: IngSlayer

4 years ago#1
Can't you use other words for once?
Sedix: Baffling Artist

User Info: stargazer64

4 years ago#2
How else are people supposed to search for flop topics?
What? You pooped in the refrigerator? And you ate the whole... wheel of cheese? How'd you do that? Heck, I'm not even mad; that's amazing.

User Info: Shadowfxd2

4 years ago#3
Well it's tanking too!
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User Info: ashcrv

4 years ago#4
Flop floppity flopper flopping flop flopster.

User Info: laxnd23

4 years ago#5
The vita is failing. Better?
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User Info: -Equinox-

4 years ago#6
Shadowfxd2 posted...
Well it's tanking too!

It needs a better healer and more dps.
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User Info: Eseenuz

4 years ago#7
the word "flop" is used by a particular segment of the North American population. I'll let you decide who these people are (hint think of the word flip flop from the 2004 election, who was using that word?)

User Info: DemonDog666

4 years ago#8
Trolls aren't people

User Info: skyrimer3d

4 years ago#9
It's already proven that trolls have a hard time using words with more than four letters, that's why

User Info: Eseenuz

4 years ago#10
I like how I killed this topic
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  3. Why do you people say "flop" in every topic?

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