possible to download saves and place on vita here?

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User Info: Piesia

5 years ago#21
OkamiCloud7 posted...
i tried a different save and it worked O_O

seems as if the first save is a dead or useless save. but... IT WORKS! YAY! :D

tried the second save and thanks to everyone putting up with my nonsense

much appreciated and love you all XD

The first time I copied a psp save to my vita, the game didn't recognize it, until I copied the game and the save again so perhaps there are issues with psp files.

I'm glad you got it working. Thanks for letting us know you found a solution, have fun!

Best regards,


User Info: friendlyspider

5 years ago#22
Lol sugar boobs you are getting some great help! Nice to see the vita board's good side for a change. Btw, wassup Piesia? I still haven't finished platting shinobido, it's just getting to be a chore lol
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User Info: DarkLaguna

5 years ago#23
Angemon_23 posted...
From: gray_fox_00 | #010
I don't know why Sony didn't make it a little easier.

Sony didn't really thought that through. CMA works for people who start a new PSP/PS1 game on the Vita, but not for people who want to continue a game they started on the PSP. It shouldn't be that hard to implement a "scan for PSP savedata" option.

They're being super careful with the CMA, proprietary memory cards, and the PSVita, because they're afraid someone will figure out a way to put CFW on it, and Developers will use pirating as a blanket excuse for their poor sales. Then the Vita might really tank.

That's why you have to do everything through the CMA, and why it needs an internet connection to use; They're trying to cover every possible loophole...
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