Little things about the Vita that annoy you/could be improved.

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User Info: nicktheman1

4 years ago#1
The Vita as a whole is an impressive system, but I feel like Sony half-assed alot of the components though:
-Camera (0.3 megapixels, ugly as hell. no reason to take scenic pictures using this. useless unless its integrated into the game)
-Sound (isnt very loud, sounds cheap)
-Apps are pretty terrible on this thing compared to smartphones (I know its not a smartphone, but it has to compete.) I can open a game and internet browser at the same time but not a game + facebook, for example.
-Custom soundtracks works well, just wish it could be used on PSP/PS1 games.

Like I said, little things. None of these really make or break the system, would just make it more solid if better implemented.

Any more?

User Info: kyncani

4 years ago#2
- Remove the cameras, the microphone, the accelerometer and the rear touch pad
- Make it as easy as possible to switch between regions
- Proprietary memory cards suck

User Info: snakeyes01

4 years ago#3
- Proprietary memory cards suck
- Start and select are to small and in a not so nice place
- Remove the rear touch
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User Info: siberian142

4 years ago#4
snakeyes01 posted...
- Start and select are to small and in a not so nice place

This annoys me too. Not too fond of the joysticks, either. The ones on the PS3 controller are perfect, but these, like the 3DS' circle pad, cramps my hand a bit. I wouldn't mind it so much if I could switch and use the d pad whenever I want, but apparently I can't.

User Info: Ihavealotofspac

4 years ago#5
microphone off by default in all games

User Info: zandm7

4 years ago#6
I have to disagree with TC on the sound thing on two aspects: A) I, and many critic reviews, believe that the speakers on the Vita are more than adequately loud and surprisingly detailed, and B) If I really care about my sound I use headphones anyways, which thankfully sound great on the Vita. Totally agreed about the apps though, and as for the camera, yeah it sucks but I don't care since I never use it anyways.

Everything else on the Vita is totally fine to me. Post #2 asking for features to be removed is just ridiculous. Yes, the cameras suck and the rear touch pad is a niche feature. But the mic and the accelerometer are actually useful things (and things that are needed to keep the Vita up to spec) and the rear touch pad is a unique factor that does have its place in certain games. I personally applaud the rear touch pad and I think it has had and will have some very useful applications in the future; asking for it to be removed is just troglodytic.

Proprietary memory is not ideal but it is acceptable and it does deter piracy when done right. However, what does suck are EXPENSIVE proprietary memory cards. C'mon Sony, just lower those damn prices already. In fact, I'm sure they will soon as it's almost been a year since the Vita was released.

Other things that bug me: Start and Select are definitely kind of annoying, but I don't care that much; I've never had a whole lot of trouble with them. The apps that are already on the Vita need updates to bring them up to par with their Android/iOS counterparts; the YouTube app is terrible right now. No channel viewing, multiple quality select, etc. Not to mention the Facebook app...that thing is rather horrendous.

Other than all that, I really do like my Vita and I think it's a very well designed piece of hardware with adequate software to match.
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User Info: AstralFrost

4 years ago#7
My 2 cents:
- Sound is just too low without headphones. Any background noise means you can't hear anything at all.
- They can leave their touch gimmicks at the door. I don't care about front or back touch in the slightest and would really prefer if I could just switch it off and live without it. If I had to keep one just get rid of back touch, its useless. Or at least give us some protectors for it.
- Battery life is acceptable but we could always use more.
- Localization is always going to be a sore point for me, particularly in Australia. We're still waiting on PSP titles we'll probably never get (eg Corpse Party, Ys, Growlanswer) that I want to put on my Vita.
- Camera could use a bit of an upgrade, 0.3 megapixel is pretty throwaway. I don't really use it other than for messing around with Project Diva F so I don't consider this to be a huge issue.

User Info: Belenger

4 years ago#8
*Account locking to a single memory card*

Just let me add another account, seriously had I known I would have never used my JP account, HK ones offers much much more and a much much better price.

User Info: XphoenixedgeX

4 years ago#9
crappy camera
small start and select
propietary cards
oval design (trigger grips help this gripe though)
letter/characters not registering accurately with virtual keyboard

just typed this on my Vita, and it took way too long to type what I wanted.

User Info: SilentHawk29

4 years ago#10
Posted this in the vita v2 thread:

-TV out
-DS3 functionality
-32-128GB internal storage
-Updated OS to be more like Android (can be done via firmware)*
-Other hardware specs should mostly stay the same for compatibility purposes, maybe add RAM and higher res camera
-Placement of start/select/PS button at the bottom of the screen
-Lower thumb sticks so they aren't right next to the other buttons (constantly hit either the right stick when hitting x, or hit x when pushing up on the right stick)
-Better battery life
-MicroSD compatibility or greatly reduced price on Vita cards

*What I mean for the operating system is right now it's currently clunky. The main difference I would change would be to add an "app tray" where you can access all your games/apps from and/or drag to the home screen. That way you can remove all the stuff you don't want on there and it'd make it a lot easier to organize, especially if there was a "wipe all" button to give you a blank screen to start with. I'd also add the ability to create folders for the home screen.
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