i sold it

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User Info: fan615boy

4 years ago#1
i sold my assassin's creed liberation game i got in my vita amazon bundle. only played it for all of 10 mins and it was really fun but i can't seem to get into a game just to get the data erased after beating it so i sold it at game stop and got $16 for it which went to pay for call of duty black ops which is an amazing game
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User Info: snakeyes01

4 years ago#2
Thinking bout doing the same thing really not feeling the game. Btw i need some friends can you add me psn is in my sig
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User Info: davidvinc

4 years ago#3
Check out my collection and leave a comment!

User Info: fan615boy

4 years ago#4
ok i'll add you my psn account is the same as my name here fan615boy
fan615boy fc- 3308 5332 6922

User Info: fourgigman

4 years ago#5
I sold it too because it was glitched to the s***house.
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User Info: finaljayfantasy

4 years ago#6
I played all the way thru the game and im not really one to get all the trophies, i play for the story. I sold mine on CL and got 25 for it and got my PS+ with it for Uncharted, Gravity Rush, and the other games
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User Info: Chicken453

4 years ago#7
I might do the same. Played it for an hour, couldn't get into it then popped P4 in and have been playing that for 3 days.
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User Info: baldwhitegit

4 years ago#8
I played it for 5 mins then fell asleep while walking and then traded it in.
Drunk because I hate everything

User Info: MegaMettaur

4 years ago#9
I never saw the, appeal in assassins creed. There are way better stealth game options..
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User Info: pokemonmaster0

4 years ago#10
MegaMettaur posted...
I never saw the, appeal in assassins creed. There are way better stealth game options..

It's more of action game than stealth game. A few sections force stealth, but they're the weaker parts of the game.

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