Anybody else more a handheld gamer more then console ?

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User Info: snakeyes01

5 years ago#1
I love handhelds more then console. I mean my 1st ever video game system was a the reg gameboy and i still have it :D
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User Info: AzurexNightmare

5 years ago#2
I'm 50-50

Although I am enjoying persona 4 handheld more than i did home console
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User Info: TinyTim123

5 years ago#3
I'm 95 / 5, handheld over console / computer. Frankly, I don't have a TV on which to hook my 360, so it is over at my brother's house (He has his own 360 as well). I use it to play Borderlands 2 with my brother... and that's it right now. My last 360 got jacked along with my games and TV, and I didn't see the point in replacing the stuff for awhile. The only reason I have the 360 is that it came with my new laptop.
On the other hand I have both a 3DS and a Vita, and last gen had a DS and a PSP. I can play games while any TVs get other uses, and I can take portable systems more places.
Plus, the computer games I play tend to be really old, like Warcraft III and TFT, Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge (and sometimes 3), Heroes of Might and Magic 2, the original Starcraft and Brood Wars.

So yeah, I am almost entirely a handheld gamer, just 'cause it's more versatile to me.
I even want to get that NeoGeo X, as sick as that sounds... I mean, I may not, but then again... I might.

User Info: enigma2274

5 years ago#4
The Vita has gotten me thinking about that. Haven't played my ps3 now in 2 months because of that handy little device. Currently playing p4g and little kings story.

User Info: FayeLady

5 years ago#5
Ive always played a lot more handheld games because I'm very mobile. These days its more 50/50 tho
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User Info: yankee6903

5 years ago#6
Pre vita:

50% PS3
40% 360
10% wii

Post Vita:

60% Vita
40% PS3
PSN: nightshade6903 GT:nightshade6903
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User Info: cmdrdredd

5 years ago#7
I play a lot more PC games than anything else since I built a high end rig. Then I'd say I play my PS3 quite a bit more than my 360 except recently due to Halo(only reason I kept my 360, Halo & Forza). My Vita does get its usage but in more short bursts since the games I have on it lend themselves to short playtimes. I don't find myself spending a lot of time on wipeout, Little Big Planet, super stardust, and PSAllStars. More like short bursts at a time.

Although now that I have Persona 4 Golden, GravityRush, and Jet Set Radio on Vita...who knows.
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User Info: __starsnostars

5 years ago#8
PC 70%
Vita 15%
Board 10%
PS3 5%
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User Info: Rotuhiiri

5 years ago#9
I'm mainly a handheld gamer nowadays. I still play and enjoy console/PC games but I prefer the intimate feeling of playing a handheld.

I have awesome-looking games like Arkham City, Resident Evil 6 (maybe not awesome) and Dragon's Dogma all here at home wrapped in plastic while I keep playing my handhelds. It's just so much easier taking out and playing for short bursts.
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User Info: kewldude475

5 years ago#10
Normally, I vastly prefer my handhelds. The ratio was about 3/4 handheld favor. Not maybe it's only about 3/5 handheld favor. I found some console games I liked and put together a more convenient gaming setup :P

Also as of the past couple of months

PSP>Vita>PS3>3DS>DS+GBA>=PC>>>>>>>>>>Wii In terms of playtime
PSN: kewldude475; 3DS FC: 4253-3798-3218; Steam: kewldude475
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