What PSP games are better on the Vita?

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User Info: TheLibrarian

5 years ago#11
I assume Armored Core also uses the infamous dpad camera controls?

User Info: wartpigX

5 years ago#12
uses triangle for up
x for down.
rbumper for right
l bumper for left

i set mine up to be almost exactly console controll only thng i cant do is drop weapons to pull out hanger weapons.

but the better controll compensates and i dont need that ammo now
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User Info: AstralFrost

5 years ago#13
A better question would be what PSP games are worse on the Vita. That will be a small list.

Oh and I mean the games that are available on both so there's no point saying lolcrisiscore.

User Info: Lord_Vishana

5 years ago#14
Definitely The Third Birthday, the dual analog helps so much with the controls.

Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite as well.
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  3. What PSP games are better on the Vita?

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