IGN's 5 Vita Game of the Year candidates are...

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User Info: GeassMaster

5 years ago#41
Pretty good list, missing gravity rush but no biggie, it already won GOTY in japan.
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User Info: mcsmellington

5 years ago#42
I'm glad they didn't bother with Gravity Rush. It seems to get a lot of praise for being one of the few exclusives on the console, and while I applaud the fact they did something different, I wouldn't really class it as a great game. It's not bad by any stretch, but not worthy of more than a 6/10.
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User Info: Nnamz

5 years ago#43
Sailor Goon posted...
Ben Reilly posted...
Sailor Goon posted...

So basically your only argument for the game not being good are its graphics?


That is the biggest problem with it

Others include, terrible gameplay, terrible story, terrible sound, terrible online, lack of cross play, etc...


Having a lot of terrible KONTENT doesn't make a game good, just like having the bare minimum in content doesn't make a game bad.

Your comment makes me feel like you havent played the game, because everything you said is terrible was actually fantastic in the game

I agree with Ben Reilly. Content aside, MK is a dud. But it was also a dud on consoles anyway. The gameplay is too shallow, the story mode is repetitive and silly, the music could have been WAAAY better, the online play is a tad laggy, and the graphics are just terrible.

I wish I didn't waste $40 and just waited until it was a free Plus game.
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User Info: Natureboy99

5 years ago#44
Stardust is a great arcade game, but not GOTY. Personally I'm having tons of fun with NFS, and HSG was spectacular.
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User Info: trollhunter2

5 years ago#45
meh. I'm okay with this GR already got many awards from japan and its contender for the spikes vga, even better than the ign matter
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User Info: MegaMettaur

5 years ago#46
Rotuhiiri posted...
MegaMettaur posted...
Lord_Vishana posted...
The contenders should be these.

Shinobido: 2
Silent Hill: Book of Memories
Gravity Rush
Ragnarok Odyssey

Fixed. Vita exclusives should be the only games on this list.

IGN's inclusion of Sound Shapes shows that not only Vita exclusives are on their list.

I think IGN's list is decent but I do think they shouldn't use as many small DD-only games. Nothing wrong with DD-only games but both SS or SSD can be beaten fully with all trophies in less than five hours. Their lower price might excuse this in a review but we're talking Game of the Year here.

Virtue's Last Reward and Gravity Rush are much better fits in this category and Virtue's Last reward got a very favourable review from IGN on top of that.

Super stardust and delta, 100%'s or not is timeless and holds its replay value as an arcade shooter.
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User Info: Austin_4e

5 years ago#47
lol no Gravity Rush.

oh IGN, when will you ever stop being a joke.
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User Info: mmc2679

5 years ago#48
No Gravity Rush and Ragnarok Odyssey?! Wow...now I really know why you can't spell "ignorant" with "IGN".
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User Info: The_Djoker

5 years ago#49
P4G is virtually a lock to win Vita GOTY from sites, Some sites might give it to Sound Shapes. The other games don't have a chance in hell.

There is no standout game on 3DS this year either. Most of these awards are usally rated to games with high review average. Sounds shapes and P4G are the highest rated vita games. P4G is the only 90+ rated handheld game this year period.

User Info: Eseenuz

5 years ago#50
I find the lack of PlayStation All-stars amusing, the game should be on the list imo
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